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10 habits to build a strong relationship - Psychology -

It is important to follow these points below in the house was dominated by love and mutual understanding

Ksenia Парфенова15 Mar 2019 09:5270850

10 привычек, чтобы построить крепкие отношения - Психология -

quick tips for a happy, infoto:

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we pay little time those we love. There are always lessons that seem to us more important and can keep you away from the routine of life — work, Hobbies, meeting friends, travelling. However, the relationship that is built on basic truths is not a hindrance nor a lack of time or our bad mood — you always feel loved and love themselves. Talk about the rules of building relationships:

Respect for the partner

The Foundation of a healthy relationship — respect for the partner: to be honest with him and yourself, to avoid deception and gossip, to understand personal boundaries, not to try to blackmail the senses, to render an opinion and, most importantly, to appreciate the partner as an individual.


The expression of gratitude can be both "thank you" or a cute smile, and in a more expanded form — the explanation for what you value the person, what he learn. If your young man is here tired after work, but decided to cook dinner and wash the dishes while you exercise, do not forget to thank him — it's easy, but any would be nice.

10 привычек, чтобы построить крепкие отношения - Психология -

suffice it to say "thank you"photo:


Sometimes it's hard to describe that experience. Even a friend of each phrase, "I love you" sometimes they say through force, especially if the person itself is secretive. Make compliments, often hug and kiss is really important.

Walk often

Walk in the fresh air, a joint campaign in the movie or the restaurant, a short trip or a full vacation — all this allows you to vary your routine and be filled with positive emotions, getting to know each other in unusual situations.

Tell each other

Humor is a powerful engine for building any relationship. Never miss the chance to laugh at partner — if not for yourself, so with the help of videos and movies. For any problems, too, come with a sense of humor — it will be easier to resolve them.

10 привычек, чтобы построить крепкие отношения - Психология -

laughter prolongs, infoto:

Set joint goals

From small, like Jogging, to large purchasing a costly trip. Remember that you are one team where everyone is responsible not only for himself but for another.

Find a hobby

Classes at the gym, attend master classes in painting or dance, music festivals or frequent travel — that could make life together more interesting and to strengthen relationships. However, don't try to pretend that you like the lesson, if you really do it by force — let the partner devotes time to this hobby alone and you think of something else.

Arrange surprises

In a relationship there is no rule "you — I, I — you". Making a gift or arranging a surprise, keep in mind the idea about waiting for the reverse reaction. Let all the impulses are from the heart and just because a loved one you really interesting, and roads. Buy favorite cake young man on the way home, cook a delicious Breakfast or book a table in the restaurant — many options.

10 привычек, чтобы построить крепкие отношения - Психология -

little unexpected surprises, doubly platypoda:

Relax together

Don't have to run to buy tickets to go to a new country. Sometimes lazy vacation will be much more useful — go to the Spa, take a trip on a weekend in a country house or just lie down on the couch, watching movies.


Falling in love with, it is important not to lose yourself. Don't forget about your Hobbies, friends and relatives — find a meeting time with them. From your relationship with your partner will only grow stronger.


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