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15 signs that you live with a narcissist - Psychology -

If partner has at least five, it's time to sound the alarm and to change something

Ksenia Парфенова14 Mar 2019 19:36111000

15 знаков, что вы живете с нарциссом - Психология -

they are seductive, but covermyface:

Narcissism in our time is not uncommon. Around and only heard the propaganda of selfishness and their own desires in all decisions, including those concerning relations with the partner. Some people self-love comes to the absurd — psychologists do consider narcissism a mental disorder that should be treated. Tell what are the signals you can identify a narcissist:

The whole world revolves around them

In the conversation, your interlocutor says more than listening, trying to divert all attention to himself due to eccentric behavior? Narcissists easy to spot, because any story he will turn to his side: "But I..." Even worse, if they will kill you and diminish any of your words like: "well, No, you have nothing. But I know how it was?" In the absence of attention a narcissist gets angry and goes to attack — he begins to speak.

15 знаков, что вы живете с нарциссом - Психология -

in conversation, the narcissist switches attention to sabatto:

Imaginary confidence

In the beginning of the communication, it may seem that a person really believes in himself, once he has something to tell. However, there it was! Ostentatious positive attitude, inventing interesting details in addition to the story — all methods of attracting your attention. Girls who enter into a relationship with a narcissist, they seem incredibly attractive in great physical shape, well-groomed skin, excellent sense of style. However in the future when cards are revealed, the person is not so beautiful as before. Yes, and daffodils tend to constantly change partners, it is important to see admiration in the eyes, and once a person gets used to it and perceives the meeting as routine, a selfish man quickly disappears.

Multiple personalities in one person

If the first Narcissus is the most beautiful guy in the world, then eventually he turns into a monster. Foreign psychologist Andrea Schneider proposes to define such a person for a certain behavior in relation to you:

  • You cease to appreciate
  • Does not want physical intimacy and avoid talking on serious topics
  • Less tied, and not particularly bored during the separation
  • Psychologically binds you to itself, blackmailing parting
  • Suddenly disappears without explanation
  • Projecting narcissism on you, accused of selfishness and narcissism
  • Continues to give gifts, even in his absence — a way to disarm and finally to bind to a

Violation of personal boundaries

Daffodils are deliberately ignoring the boundaries of other people, without thinking about its negative impact. Methods of demonstration may be different — at first he will ask you about a small change in appearance, then will break promises and commitments, can take personal belongings or money without permission. However, for you much will not allow any border crossing will end with a scandal.

Isolating you from other people

The main goal of daffodil is to make you his "slave" a faithful listener and fan. A man may limit your communication with friends and family, monitor social networks and phone calls, the use of personal vehicles, to distract from the hobby and even work, offering to pass on to him all the financial responsibilities. Moreover, the control can be in the form of soft, kind of recommendations, "I Think you better not to stay with a friend, I'm worried about you" and hard, "I see how she's a bad influence look at you too often in the clubs."

15 знаков, что вы живете с нарциссом - Психология -

Narcisse tries to isolate you from the outside, mirafoto:

Such a person can devalue your emotions, do not hold back and be aggressive. It is built around a strong wall of false confidence and feelings of superiority over others, but under the wall hides the uncertainty, fear, anxiety and shame. And you never know it until the end — such a person always keeps himself in suspense. The closer you come to it and actively take steps forward, the more he will be removed from you.

They never admit mistakes, but always take responsibility for the success in any business. Even caught in a lie, these people will make you more likely to believe in your crazy, than their guilt. In their Arsenal, according to psychologists, several tactics, not only belittling you, but playing the role of the victim, not the attacker. Unfortunately, you may even feel guilty about them, but it's worth the time to recover, to understand what such a person needs to run. At first you will think that is wrong and needs to come back, but keep yourself from it — after a couple of months you will become a different person and be grateful to myself that I was able to take this step.


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