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Three signs of the Zodiac, which is difficult to store fidelity - Psychology -

Their rating with our readers shared a hereditary witch Saone

Saona .17 Mar 2019 15:47431092

Три знака Зодиака, которым сложно хранить супружескую верность - Психология -

From whom do not expect верности

1. Gemini.

Representatives of this sign are very changeable people, who also want to try and being on flattery and persuasion. To persuade your partner — Twin to change virtually everyone who lash compliments and will try to present their best side. But they do tend to belong to one person, no matter in friendship or love relationships. At one point they can fly away from you, and to your enemies, warns the Saone.

Три знака Зодиака, которым сложно хранить супружескую верность - Психология -

Nonamaterial press services

2. Sagittarius.

The most elusive and freedom-loving sign in the entire zodiac. Sagittarians are people who do not tolerate boredom, monotony and conditionality. Often this leads to the fact that the concept of "loyalty" and "devotion" for them — an empty phrase. Today they can admit you in love, and tomorrow will not pick up the phone when you call because they became bored with you and they have already found someone else.

3. Libra.

Libra is often capable of treason or betrayal. This is mainly because they are unable to understand yourself. Questions often do not allow them to take a clear position, they are trying to sit on two chairs because I can't decide who they want to be.


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