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5 signs compatibility in relationships - Psychology -

Starting a new novel, a wanted to know what will be its result. Of course, it is impossible to predict, but it is better to pay attention to some points. What — know psychologist and hypnology ISA Bagirov

Vitaly Шанга19 March 2019 13:1932190

5 признаков совместимости в отношениях - Психология -

Learn compatible, vifoto:

Esoterics believe that the person besides the physical body there are six energy subtle bodies. And if a couple are compatible at least at two or three is already portends a long and quite harmonious relationship.

The first sign compatibility: you like not only the appearance of the partner but also his scent. It is not necessary to conform to the canons of cinema or fashion business to be attractive: everyone is subconsciously looking for in a partner, those features of appearance that are compatible with his ideal.

The second sign: you and a partner make compromises in communication. If in a pair one is constantly inferior, and the second bends the line — it will sooner or later lead to the collapse of relations. A healthy compromise and understanding — characteristics that can be measured on the first date.

5 признаков совместимости в отношениях - Психология -

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The third point of compatibility is given to those who are willing to support each other and where the phrase "I told you so!" is repeated no more than once per year. If you are not only ready to help and support a loved one, but know that he will do the same for you — the relationship has all the chances to be harmonious and long lasting.

Fourth , how do you solve the problem. Debate and discussion in a difficult situation too. Only indifferent people do not quarrel and do not discuss — because it would be like to be with a partner and relations. If your pair has a place for a healthy, without mutual insults, but with clear arguments, disputes — you compatible on so-called mental body, which is responsible for your thinking and logic.

Fifth — you have a lot in common. Common goals in life, dreams, desires, Hobbies open the prospect that your relationship can last a lifetime. But not necessarily that Hobbies were only the joint, because everyone has the right to personal space. But at least a few of them should match.

And we must not forget that the ideal relationship is not only fully compatible, but joint work, and a willingness to compromise, and a lot in common, and the ability not only to speak but to listen. Even a perfectly compatible couple can lose each other amidst the confusion and reluctance to go forward, while even less compatible can learn to understand and adapt to maintain a lasting and harmonious Union.


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