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Either me or her: the conflict of her husband with her mother - Psychology -

Popular hero of anecdotes — in-law and mother-in-law who famously teasing each other. However, their quarrels are not that fun. I will try to understand the reasons for this hostility

Maria Блавацкая18 March 2019 11:5718580

Или я, или она: конфликт мужа с мамой - Психология -

why mom doesn't like the daughter's husband?Photo:

The most popular couple in the Russian reality — in-law and mother-in-law. And if the jokes the comic conflict, in life these two are often no laughing matter: sometimes fights and misunderstandings lead to the disintegration of the family. And if the couple lives with the mother in one apartment, the relationship is strained to the limit. So how do you do, to not have to make a choice between your mother and husband?

Why mother-in-law conflict

Mother child at any age remains a creature, which, again, according to parents in need of care and assistance in decision-making. Few women have enough of an understanding of what their daughter had been an adult person, who is able to choose the man and to build a relationship with him without interference. What claims can arise from mother-in-law?

The woman considers that in a pair of her daughter neither one nor the other is not able to make an informed decision on a particular issue, so the intervention of the mother-in-law. In such a situation man needs to prove to the mother that her daughter made the right choice, relying on a responsible man. However, in some cases, your "exploits" can not act on a principled woman.

Mother-in-law maybe deliberately to impugn the actions of the son-in-law, as she claims to credibility in the eyes of his daughter. It is difficult to accept the fact that a grown daughter now sees a helper and Advisor in the face of another person.

Son-in-law may just not like the mother-in-law. Then she starts to resist anything that will make a man. She believes that only she is able to choose his daughter the right pair, and the fact that she found absolutely no good. Daughter starts to get angry, to Express mother's disapproval, thus further pushing the two most expensive people.

The mother may envy her daughter. If in your personal life mother of huge gaping hole, it starts to ruin the life his family and begins of course with the relatives.

Или я, или она: конфликт мужа с мамой - Психология -

many women difficult to accept that her daughter is already Virolahti:

Why the conflict in law

Often the argument becomes a son-in-law. Everyone has their views and opinions on certain situations and, when his opinion is radically different from the views of another, in our case, Tiffany, the conflict is inevitable. What reason is there for men?

If men had a difficult childhood, for example, the mother constantly oppressed or imposed their opinion, any such movement mother-in-law he perceives extremely negative, leaving a negative image of the mother to the mother-in-law.

The desire to dominate. Of course, in a man's world without it anywhere, but for a harmonious family life flexibility is important. When the mother-in-law, and son-in-law a principled and solid people, but still living in the same area, sooner or later they will start to divide the territory.

Disrespectful mother in law. The reason for the protracted conflict can become a personal vendetta, when a man, for various reasons, begins to hate the mother of his wife, and does it in the open.

Или я, или она: конфликт мужа с мамой - Психология -

sometimes "love" mother and her husband closed on the day of swedbio:

When it comes to the wife

Sometimes both parties can peacefully exist until then, unless the wife. The most difficult cases — when the wife most of the life she lived with her mother and is not able to make my own decisions, as she usually did more authoritarian personality. Now, being a married woman, she remains helpless and in any strange situation turns to the mother, although it would be desirable to my husband. In the end, the couple lives by the rules Tiffany, although the man married another woman in his "house rules" by her mother. In this case the wife need counseling, but this is only possible if she acknowledges the existence of such a problem.

Или я, или она: конфликт мужа с мамой - Психология -

if the conflict cannot be resolved, it will lead to rasadoota:

Misunderstanding in the family turns a home into a permanent battlefield, breaking the habitual course of life. In this house hate to return, all the inhabitants nervous, any careless word can turn into a huge scandal.

Sometimes my wife has to make a choice: stay with her husband, but always to quarrel with the mother, or divorce. None of the options will not be suitable. It is important to maintain the relationship on both sides and try a little bit, but to reconcile them with each other.

If talking does not help, and the mother-in-law to the open stage of mutual hatred, in the near future you need to send a "couple" to a psychologist, because only a specialist is able to resolve the conflict, while it did not result in a sad result.


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