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Looking for friends after 30 - a psychology - a

Time "eats" our friends, cutting off contact. However, in adulthood is not too late to get a new one. will talk about how to do it

Maria Блавацкая20 March 2019 17:0923280

Ищем друзей после 30 - Психология -

with age becoming friends, menichetti:

When we are young, we are constantly surrounded by people, some of them have remained friends, and others pass through life. However, not everyone is lucky to meet a man close in spirit. The older we get, the less people have in our phone contacts. To 30 years we realize that Friday night, even with whom to drink coffee: someone is busy, and with someone you just lost contact. In this case, is to look for new friends.

Ищем друзей после 30 - Психология -

but they are easy to find using sistemebasa:

Try your luck in thematic communities

Now much easier to find other interests than, say, 10 years ago, because the social network has greatly simplified our lives.

Now simply select the category and the search engine will offer you options that match your interests. Join the community, be active, and you will notice the "seasoned" members, especially if you will be sensible to write detailed comments.

You can join a professional community where people constantly ask for advice and just talk, sending funny pictures that are understandable only to people from the same industry. Try to show there is activity and you will see how fast around you are going to wish to talk to.

In addition, in social networks you can find the person with whom you have long lost touch and would like to try to make contact. Write, learn.

Do not use fake names

You are much more likely to attract people to your page, if it's your real name. Agree, not very nice trying to guess who is hiding behind the mythical name, and have suspicion about the reality of the page.

Ищем друзей после 30 - Психология -

sometimes we even need someone to go to caffetto:

Photos must also be your

Psychologists not highly recommended to put on the avatar animals, items or plants. It also suggests that you have something to hide. People subconsciously are attracted to openness, so do not hide from the world. If you really really want something to brag about, just put the photo, but don't make it relevant.

Tell me about yourself

Page where in the "About me" declared "the Details in personal meeting," will make people just close your profile and never return. And how a stranger can strike up a conversation if you know nothing? Furthermore, hashtags were not invented just like that: add them to your posts, so people with similar interests will be easier for you to find.

Write the first

Don't assume that you can reject. This is an option, but you never know unless you try. Any person can doubt anyway. Take the initiative in their hands, and maybe this person will become your constant companion, and later you will meet in real life.

Ищем друзей после 30 - Психология -

do not linger at home, go out "into the light"Photo:

Go "into the light"

Many people are afraid to walk alone, as we can see either couples or friends, therefore, passing involuntarily feel a sense of embarrassment for their privacy. Again, the conversation about openness to the world: did you know today show is quite an interesting film, but go you, as usual, not with anyone. Write post in social networks that you go to this movie and don't mind if you make the company. Make sure to put hashtags. On the other hand, not the fact that the company will be enjoyable to you, but you'd have to go by trial and error, especially since the Internet provides the opportunity in advance to view the profile for the right person.


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