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5 ways to interest a man - Psychology -

If a potential choice is in no hurry to reciprocate, perhaps you are wrong. tell me how to Wake it hunter

Maria Блавацкая18 March 2019 14:0675631

5 способов заинтересовать мужчину - Психология -

how to Wake a man, kotikawatta:

Let's say this is happening to you: you have a crush, but the object of your adoration to you cold and does not show the slightest interest. For most women, this lack of attention turns into the end of the world, and they give up. But did you know that in your forces to turn the tide in their favor? To do this, there are five main ways that you can test for a potential partner.

Men, known as hunters and conquerors, so your task — to give them a reason to be involved in the process of your conquest. Importantly, not just to draw attention to themselves, but also to keep him.

5 способов заинтересовать мужчину - Психология -

be careful, slushatelnitsa:

Try to interest him.

Remember that any person, whether man or woman — likes to listen to him. In order for your "purpose" is interested in you, you must first learn to listen to him. Find out what he's interested in, suddenly your interests coincide? Then all is fine. Be interested in his feelings, if noticed that he was sad, tactfully ask if you have something to help him. But do not impose, or he will avoid you.

Don't be easily accessible

Just don't get sucked into a protracted game of "cat and mouse" only in the initial stage of stirring, and after a while begins to tire, and you run the risk of losing his interest. In addition, you need to determine your requirements for a man. And no need to wait for that man, as a true telepath, he guess about your preferences, don't be afraid to voice them.

The requirements include the time period you want before you have sex. Not pereshagivaete through itself in this matter, if the man does not agree with your installations, it is unlikely that these relationships will give you pleasure in the future, so any disagreement on the part of men to consider and to decide on further action, instead just to agree to play by his rules.

5 способов заинтересовать мужчину - Психология -

thank for attentions with his stolonifera:


At first glance, the Board is quite simple, but very effective. Even if you without makeup, your smile can create miracles. Man is very afraid to fail when communicating with a woman, afraid that he'd be rejected. Your smile gives him hope for success, thus you show that you are ready to communicate, which will give the man incentive to be more active when meeting or communicating.

Try to see each other more and spend time together

It is unlikely that you will be able to build a long, strong and, most importantly, the trust relationship is limited to some night meetings. Go along to the exhibition or to the movies, hang out in cafes to get to know each other. In moments of quiet dialogue, you become closer.

However, remember set myself rules and requirements to the partner. Smile to give the go-ahead for further action, but make sure that the man did not cross the border, at least at first, until you realize that you are ready to go further.

5 способов заинтересовать мужчину - Психология -

spend most of your time, westiepoo:

Should not be too hard to move away from each other

Man, it is important to understand that all his efforts of your conquest is successful, in the end he will be the winner. Very simply cheer your conqueror, periodically letting him know that you enjoy your courtship, thank him. Your reaction will spur him on to greater things.

Men do not understand hints, so as clearly as possible, let them know what steps he should take to you "descended".

Important point: man should not think that he tries in vain, and in the end it will be rejected. Ultimately you both have to like this game, anticipating a further relationship.


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