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8 habits that will make you happy - Psychology -

Experts have told that will improve the quality of life

Ksenia Парфенова21 Mar 2019 00:16156990

8 привычек, которые сделают вас счастливой - Психология -

these tips will help, sonicstate:

Look around on the street — how many people are smiling? Most of us are forever scowling, preoccupied with the pressing problems and waiting for the weekend. Surely you want your life changed, just decided to read this article. Good news! To change their way of life is easier than it seems, we need only slightly revise his views on the world and change habits.

The optimism comes from the brain

We are the creators of their happiness it is very true. It is under our control is the perception of any problem and finding its solution. However, to be optimistic is harder than it looks. Wasting energy on creation, not destruction, you suddenly find a way. Think about the people who have really big problems — shortage of water, famine or incurable disease, still believe that the quarrel with her husband is being called a depression? Read quality books, exercise, follow a healthy time for "soul-searching" will remain. Keep a gratitude journal — every day write down in a notebook 3 "thank you" to yourself and the people around. This practice helps to find a foothold when seemingly everything has become worse.

Focus on the pros

First of all, it is necessary to find pluses in every unexpected turn of life, to believe that everything is solved and any problem is temporary — only in this case you can set yourself on the right wave. It is strange that people will answer the question about their problems than about the daily joys. Think how beautiful surrounds you every hour, your children and beloved husband, Sunny weather, interesting conversation with a colleague and even a delicious coffee at a nearby café. Changing your view of the world, you will change internally and become calmer and more focused, will resolutely refuse what brings you suffering, and be happy to settle for the pleasant experience.

8 привычек, которые сделают вас счастливой - Психология -

find the pros in samfoto:

Let us take responsibility for themselves

Remember, how many times have you blamed circumstances for the failures? Each of us at least sometimes, but still relies on everyone except themselves. Once we thought that we and only we determine our life will be much easier to operate. You will learn not only to be responsible and not ask for advice from friends and colleagues, but also be able to be calmer to failure — just as to the experience, but not a great disappointment. All this motivate you for further activity, not the gentle nurturing of pity towards himself.

Learn new

Training not only gives us useful knowledge, which are effective in practice, but also changing the way of thinking. It becomes more flexible and open to experiment in all aspects — from personal life to career and Hobbies. Acquiring new knowledge expands, providing new opportunities to step outside the comfort zone. Don't be afraid to get out of the "hole" and try unusual — who knows where it will end? Remember to take a step back easier, so you have nothing to fear — go for it!

8 привычек, которые сделают вас счастливой - Психология -

training gives new vozmozhnostiami:

Do not compare yourself with others

Tape flipping through Instagram for the hundredth time you see a friend, Lena, who once again went to the sea with a handsome boyfriend, while you are freezing in your office? Do not rush to make a voodoo doll! Calm down and think that you are really frustrating — rich life of a friend or unsaturated yours? Compare your life with someone else only causes anxiety and stress. Instead of competing with their peers, compete with yourself and strive to grow and become better every day. Everyone has their own path where there are obstacles — ideal can be only a picture on Instagram.

Find a best friend within myself

Not for nothing psychologists believe that the strong family, parents are in the first place, they and then children. It is true though, because the child needs the example of the man he will respect and whom to admire. If you yourself are not friends — get nervous over nothing, constantly nag and get angry — what to say? Practice taking care of yourself, learn to put first their own needs and love yourself just as you are. The only thing that matters is growth and self improvement, no matter how old you are.

8 привычек, которые сделают вас счастливой - Психология -

like, sabatto:

Caring for others

Men — our mirror. All that we pay attention to them, somehow reflects us. A man who loves and respects himself, will not be rude and snap at others. None of the healthy relationship was not built without this solid Foundation. Create a flourishing environment around you — surround interesting and motivated people with a strong character, not whiners, bores and ranters.

Learn to forgive

Yes, it's complicated. However, no one is asking you to take back the abuser — leave the past where it is a place that is behind. You need to work on your emotions is to understand that you hurt in the situation occurred, what lessons have you learned from it and how internally has changed. Unforgiving resentment, as a bleeding wound, constantly provokes us to painful memories and the associated rethinking of our actions. Stop blaming yourself and think "what if?" Keep yourself pain — write the offender a letter and then burn it. Believe me, you will feel better.


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