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Situations when it is better to lie - Psychology -

To cheat is bad, but in some cases necessary. tell me what

Maria Блавацкая19 Mar 2019 08:4919470

Ситуации, когда лучше соврать - Психология -

When a lie for salvation?Photo:

Since childhood we know that to deceive is wrong. However, throughout life there are situations when it is better to hide something than to tell the truth, which, ironically, may be inappropriate. Hence, there is a saying "a white Lie". So in what situations a small (or maybe not) a lie?

To support patient

For any family the illness of a loved is a difficult test, especially for the patient. Doctors advise not to ill reveal everything you know about the illness and its consequences, thus you will prevent an unwanted reaction and stimulate him to further the struggle for life.

Ситуации, когда лучше соврать - Психология -

kids don't need to know all of pradetto:

When comforting parents

Throughout life parents strive to give their child the best. Probably no one worries about you, and your failures as they are. It difficult for parents to accept when they can't help your problems. So if they really have no influence on the course of events, it is better to hide the story of your troubles, in order not to upset loved ones, especially if they are elderly.

Break relations with abuterol

Moral and physical violence should not in any way be present in your life, so your task is to end this relationship in the least painless. So the lie in this case will be your way out of dangerous situations.

While interacting with young children

Children ask a lot of questions, but always ready to hear the truth. On the immature child's psyche can have a significant impact on the negative side. So it's okay if your child doesn't immediately know why suddenly lost your beloved cat.

Ситуации, когда лучше соврать - Психология -

it is not necessary to disclose all of the information in sizethat:

When asking for a loan

Quite often it is the money issue spoil a good relationship. If you don't want to leave your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship money. Don't have to answer to the innocuous request of coarse No money, better think how to refuse, but so as not to offend a friend. The money you will earn more, but the friendship built over the years.

Communication on the Internet

Sometimes we are so addicted to communication in social networks, which do not notice how we tell strangers what they should not know the word at all, such as your location, income level and marital status. You have no idea what can go online fraudsters.

Ситуации, когда лучше соврать - Психология -

don't bring the money in relationship with kusamotu:

The preservation of other people's secrets

The person who has trusted you with the secret hopes that all this will remain between you. In this case, a valid small manipulation of facts. If someone strongly interested in, you can confidently say that I know nothing, at all, such idle interest inappropriate.


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