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Why we divorce - Psychology -

Save the marriage — no easy task, many simply do not. explains why a large number family breaks

Maria Блавацкая21 Mar 2019 08:0252430

Почему мы разводимся - Психология -

why are we raskhodimosti:

The situation is unpleasant, however it can happen with every person who has entered into marriage. Our country occupies one of leading positions in the statistics of divorce: a× 58%. The country with the strong the marriage is already not the first recognized Japan — 26% divorced. According to statistics, every second marriage ends in divorce, although 10 years ago it was broken up every third marriage.

Sociologists argue that nothing surprising happened, just now the moment came when the marriage age crept generation of the 90s, and we all know about the unfavorable demographic situation in the period. However, this is not the main reason.

Every family no doubt has their own reasons for the gap, so to name one would be incorrect. Maybe people can not agree in their views on religious, social, political, and so on. However, you can highlight categories of causes, we are going to do:

Почему мы разводимся - Психология -

early marriage rarely, sohranite:

Early marriage

One of the most popular reasons. The fact is that at an early age the probability of a wrong decision in respect of a partner the highest. Young people have little idea what the adult relationship and the joint life, so after the Registrar's office their is a lot to discover, and often not the most pleasant. Broken dreams and expectations often lead to the rapid dissolution of such marriage.


The second most popular reason. The worst traitors are usually men, if you believe the statistics. Not every woman is willing to forgive her husband this insult, and adding women's emotionality, resulting in a scandal and a complete rupture of relations. And well, if will be limited only by couples divorce, quite often, women begin to chase the ex-husband trying to take revenge in various ways.

Почему мы разводимся - Психология -

having a baby is always a big straccotto:

The causes of cheating

Search of new sensations on the side. After years of marriage people bored regular life, so some are in love, completely forgetting about the consequences.

Dissatisfaction in sex. When sex life for whatever reason goes bad or actually disappearing, people begin to "starve", but quickly found solace in the arms of a complete stranger.

Divorce associated with emergence of the child

This applies mostly to young couples who, as we have said, are not always aware of the seriousness of the marital relationship. People try to "get used" to each other, and the emergence of a new family member is always stressful. So many, unable to withstand the psychological burden, just leave family.

The differences of the characters

The total lack of common topics an extremely negative impact on the construction of the future family. This does not mean that a woman should for a couple of months love football and attend every match with my husband, and the husband does not have to be a fan of classical theatre productions. In modern families is a pretty big emphasis on maintaining personal space, in which a lot may be unclear to one of the spouses, that becomes cause of quarrels.

Почему мы разводимся - Психология -

one of the main reasons - izmantoto:

Problems in the home

Yes, scattered around the apartment socks often become a valid reason for filing for divorce. However, for the most part, people manage to agree on a comfortable coexistence on the same territory, if only we are not talking about overly emotional guys.

A marriage of convenience

The pursuit of materialistic goals has never ended in anything good. Agree, a marriage based on expectations of financial or professional help from a spouse, can hardly be called healthy.

Some numbers

Back to our sociologists, who argue that the most robust period of marriage is considered the age from 20 to 30 years. Oddly enough, most break up couples who married after 30. But the fact that the adult is much more demands to spouse, and rarely able to meet these requirements.

To 50 years the main initiators of divorce are women, whereas after 50 the situation is changing, and already men are willing to run and to apply. Such a late divorce is advantageous from a material point of view, as the children grew, which means that the alimony will not have to pay.


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