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How to "read" your partner, or talking about facial features - Psychology -

Psychologist and hypnology ISA Bagirov — on why you should trust your own instincts

ISA Багиров22 March 2019 11:02103351

Как «читать» своего партнера, или о чем говорят черты лица - Психология -

Talking about your facial features?Photo:

Meeting a person, we normally look on his face. Any traits we instinctively like, some, on the contrary, can alienate. But few people realize that each of the features: eyes, nose and lips, wrinkles and folds, moles — have your information. Try to briefly outline the basic nuances and their values.

A few words about physiognomy

"Read" facial features person teaches physiognomy — the science that was born in ancient China. With its help, you can learn a lot, even to a close acquaintance with the man. Enough to see it or even look at the quality of the photo.

Form the five main features (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, ears) and seven secondary (jaw and chin, forehead, cheekbones, nasolabial folds and a hollow above the upper lip and under eye area) it is possible to know if a partner does he have the potential for material success, he is generous and soft, or, on the contrary, a tyrant.

Как «читать» своего партнера, или о чем говорят черты лица - Психология -

ISA Bagirovu: materials of press-services

Features to which you should pay attention when choosing a partner

The first thing we notice is the eyes. And rightly so, because the eyes are the primary human energy, and experience relevant to you and learn about character and temperament. About the latter by the color of the eyes. People with light (blue and gray) eyes — the holders of a calm, equable temperament, but they are prone to jealousy. Blue and green eyes, to the representatives of expressive energy and a strong character, but brown eyes tell of a passionate and explosive temperament.

The shape of the eye tells of loyalty

Large eyes rounded and bulging, a sign of stormy temperament and sexual incontinence. If the corners of the eyes, men have wrinkles in the form of "crow's feet" — the probability that the partner will be loyal to you, is not very high. But deep-set eyes with drooping corners talking about loyalty in the feelings and preferences of one partner for life.

Lips and mouth will also tell you about the possible loyalty of the partner and its parent potential

Full large lips with an expressive lower lip — a sign of sensuality and temperament. Deep furrow above the upper lip — a symptom of a good potential in procreation. But the open mouth (unless, of course, is not a sign of chronic tonsillitis) is a symptom of sexual promiscuity.

Как «читать» своего партнера, или о чем говорят черты лица - Психология -

Deep-set eyes say about loyalty, partnerbot:

Nose says about the financial capacity and generosity

Big nose (but not a hooked or "eagle") — tells about the work ethic of the person. But the nose with a rounded tip — a sign of potential of the rich man, who in financial matters is always to surround luck. In addition, these people are particularly sincere generosity and willingness to help and support.

When dealing with people and "reading" their card of the person, we often unconsciously perceive promises them hell. Trust your intuition in this matter — and it will not fail.


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