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Sex friendship: is there a future for these relations - Psychology -

Is it possible an intimate relationship with a man who knows all about you? tried to figure out what consequences could result from such an experiment

Maria Блавацкая22 Mar 2019 18:353558016

Секс по дружбе: есть ли будущее у этих отношений - Психология -

at which point each becomes lyubovnikom:

10 years ago sex friendship is perceived as something incomprehensible, but now it is gaining popularity not only in Russia but on a global scale. According to surveys, 55% of students admitted that at least once, but they had intimate experience with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

More and more Directors are interested in this topic, taking such pictures as "Sex friendship" or "More than sex". Usually in such films the plot is quite boring and predictable: having nedco on the personal front, a few friends find support from the same unfortunate friends, spend the night together, and then begin to experience each other's feelings.

Секс по дружбе: есть ли будущее у этих отношений - Психология -

many admit that tried friend sex in studenchestvo:

In real life, the motivation of the people is not always justified by the failures of other partners, however, movies don't lie: sex friendship is a difficult and complicated thing.

What is it

Sex with a friend can occur for the following reasons:

Friends want to experiment, drawing on the experience of the films on a similar theme.

Just sex without commitment. People occasionally sleep, but the genuine friendship between them.

Just in case. Partners agree in advance to become for each other option in case of "downtime" in their personal lives.

A departure from the friendship. People want to move to a new level in the relationship.

Accident. When people suddenly flashing a spark, and they understand that friendship has no place.

For the majority of partners practicing in an open relationship, the main reason for the "friendly" relationship is only sex. In any case, for men this factor is often determinative, but women need some no emotional support. Women don't mind if free sex spill over into something more serious, men consider sex with a friend just as a way of discharge without further development.

Секс по дружбе: есть ли будущее у этих отношений - Психология -

there is a danger of falling in love and not to mutual otvette:

What difficulties

The problem starts where one of the partners-"friends" becomes only a little physical contact. It is almost impossible to meet on a regular basis for sex and all this time to experience the same emotions, once someone in the couple will want to either develop a relationship or completely make them break.

What will be best friends

And again we come to the aid experts polls: nearly 30% of the students stated that in their relationship, nothing has changed, 35% broke off the intimate relationship, remaining friends, 10% became a couple, and another 25% stopped to chat.

Секс по дружбе: есть ли будущее у этих отношений - Психология -

you have two options: either you break up or become proetto:


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