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Major mistakes single women - Psychology -

If there is no happiness in personal life, perhaps you are doing something wrong. will tell you what you should pay attention

Maria Блавацкая29 March 2019 12:173527524

Основные ошибки одинокой женщины - Психология -

what mistakes we aversente:

Surely you have a friend from the category of "clever and beautiful", but lonely. And here she comes to you almost every Saturday night to complain about his failed personal life, which she wanted to have, but not with whom. And you sit and think: "How so? Everything in it, and a man find her difficult. What do they want?" These deserving girls a lot, and problems with the men, as strange as it may be, still exist. Maybe they make the same mistakes.

Standing out on the street and see couples everywhere. Look at the girl, and, objectively, it does not stand out, but her finger still has the ring. And girls like your girlfriend at this time had already lost all hope of building a family.

We decided to find out what's the matter, why someone lucky and some do not.

Основные ошибки одинокой женщины - Психология -

perhaps your potential partner somewhere, randomphoto:

The woman does not see a worthy candidate

One of the most common problems when a woman raises the bar when choosing men. The question from friends why she still goes to a restaurant with friends, not with a man, a woman responds that she has not yet found a worthy companion. However, the problem may be not in men, but in itself, as it usually happens.

Back to our now mutual friend that we mentioned above: despite the large number of novels, she did not manage to build a family with one of the knights. To all questions she replies that everyone has some flaw that negates all the advantages. And so on.

In this case, almost nothing can be proved. No matter how much you argue, recommending to lower the bar, all to no avail.

Anyone who found themselves in this situation, you should revise your expectations to a future date. He has not earned a million dollars, but what's stopping you to help him do it? Of course, no need to jump to marry the first counter, and to cut off all the fans is not worth it — take a look, maybe next to you there's one person you haven't noticed but it can become the perfect husband.

Основные ошибки одинокой женщины - Психология -

behave, estestvennogo:

No time for a relationship

Now in General very few people have time even for themselves, not to mention finding a suitable partner. Here you can agree that it is impossible for someone to find, being a limited circle of colleagues and friends. Try to distribute your time so that you could go to the exhibition, Banquet, show or event where you can meet representative of the stronger sex.

In the extreme case is the Internet, but there are dangers, for example, never know who you'll encounter, in addition, on Dating sites trades most maniacs.

The conclusion is: go ahead, after all a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Excessive independence

There are girls who used to solve all of their problems on their own. Of course, there is nothing wrong, only sometimes it can be a real problem. We're not talking about confident in their decisions a businesswoman, we are talking about complexes of childhood, when a person has not learned to trust the world around them.

This attitude is transmitted and in communion with men. The woman is hard to believe that the person next to you will not betray. However, without trust it is impossible to build a family, so start small: let the man decide what is not much impact on your life issues, for example, selects and buys tickets to a vacation, reserve a table at a restaurant, buying a gift for your mom. Then gradually you will understand, is this person worthy of you to trust him with my life, or not.

View hunter men

Do not think that men don't understand hints and views. Got hungry before marriage women this setting is written on the forehead, so try so desperately to look at your potential "victim". Man it can be great to scare, because they jealously guard the freedom from infringement of any woman.

When communicating relax, behave naturally. At least not pushing the first time — let the man make the first move. Initiative on the part of women is good, but sometimes you have to hold yourself for someone who you really like.

I think that is not worthy of love

The reason may be not low self-esteem, just in reality there are women who do not feel those fatal beauties for whom men turn in the mountains.

Remember that your gestures, posture and gait are saying about your attitude and vision of yourself, so if you want to attract the man of your dreams, act like you already met him: listen to your feelings — your mood is elevated, and confidence will not be forthcoming as the man you imagine in fantasy.

Conclusion: fending off negative thoughts in to your account and start to think positively. You will see that the result will appear, if not instantly, then soon for sure.

Основные ошибки одинокой женщины - Психология -

happiness will, edathua:


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