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Seduce a shy man - Psychology -

Representatives of the stronger sex are different — some have to achieve. How to do it, will tell

Maria Блавацкая25 March 2019 16:16147361

Соблазняем робкого мужчину - Психология -

sometimes a woman has to do the first shallot:

In most cases it is the man first goes to the rendezvous, when it comes to familiarity with the woman. And still there are people for whom communication in principle becomes a problem, to say nothing of establishing "bridges" with the opposite sex. However, many women like such men. They usually are not spoiled female attention, and therefore easily fall for all sorts of ladies tricks. Usually become loyal husbands and rarely change. But don't expect a man of originality in bed: the pleasures of love he will be just as shy and awkward as in life. To start, let alone continue the relationship is only in the case that your intentions are serious, or a partner, you quickly get bored.

Соблазняем робкого мужчину - Психология -

to a timid man needs special podhodiat:

Check the intentions of men

As a man, timid, it is difficult to understand whether he is interested. Just don't ask him about it directly. Better follow the scheme:

Start a conversation

Abstract with the move to your issue. If a man long thought about the answer and begins to get nervous — it's a good signal.

Another way is to ask for his help:

- to fix the faucet;

- to connect your TV;

- to nail a shelf;

- to restart the laptop.

Соблазняем робкого мужчину - Психология -

you can chat decades, but he did not show, initiativethat:

The man who interesting, do not hesitate to agree, even if he had plans.

Take the initiative in their hands

You may be familiar decades, but your potential partner is so much doubt in myself that will carry the love to you into the grave and you not even know it. To not to go to extremes, often join with him in contact, discuss neutral topics. Don't ask questions that you want to give a detailed answer. Calm people are difficult to loose talk, they can just run away from the uncomfortable situation.

As for sex, you have to start first. Just do not scare away! Invite to evaluate the next culinary masterpiece, and there is a thing for small.

Praise, praise and praise again

Shy man needs to feel like a hero. So trust him simple household tasks, which he certainly will do it.

As soon as it will execute the job immediately thanks to its excessive admiration will not be something inappropriate. As often as possible go to tactile and visual contact is important. Light, unobtrusive touch will make it clear on your intentions and "tells" men that they are interested in.

Соблазняем робкого мужчину - Психология -

try to give him a simple task, domfoto:

Reduce the distance

In dealing with a timid man important sensuality, not sexual aggression, which, of course, you'll scare him off. Invite the man home, put on something not too challenging and during the dinner, pour the champagne. This will give you the opportunity to dress in sensuous silk robe, but again — observe the limits of decency, otherwise the knight will not stand the tension and just run away.

Gradually move closer to it, it is important to capture the moment when your partner is ready to respond to your affection. Even if you spook the man, don't start tantrums, just show him and tell him you really like him. Hug goodbye and here it is already possible to announce the transition to the next stage in the relationship. Two options — either he will give up or flee. But here you have to decide whether you need such a relationship.


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