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Why some women refuse sexual relations - Psychology -

Sex plays in the life of the girl not the last role, however, men hear more and more failures. understanding why sex some ladies is not nice

Maria Блавацкая29 March 2019 16:3324410

Почему некоторые женщины отказываются от половых отношений - Психология -

why women are increasingly saying "no"Photo:

Like eating sleeping, sex is one of the basic human needs. Today already you will surprise nobody with a discussion of the topic, so widely prevalent in our society: a discussion of his (and others') sexuality are engaged in many talk shows, she devote to films and books, provide training.

However, a lot of women refuse sexual relations. The reasons may be quite different, however, bring problems as well a great many, one of them is discord in the family or couple. We decided to find out why women voluntarily exclude this area of my life.

Почему некоторые женщины отказываются от половых отношений - Психология -

don't underestimate the problem of low libidoforte:

Why is sex life so important to the lives of ordinary?

The point is not even in the process, and in maintaining a good reproductive status of both men and women. If you didn't know, regular sex promotes the proper functioning of the heart and brain. The thing in the production of the hormone oxytocin, which, as you know, has a calming effect on our psyche.

There is an opinion that sex with a regular partner increase self-esteem primarily in women who are more likely than men to worry about their appearance and the perception of them by society. Needless to say that the perfect compatibility in bed practically guarantees a strong relationship for years to come.

Почему некоторые женщины отказываются от половых отношений - Психология -

more men need to be sensitive to changes in the mood of geninatti:

According to statistics, psychologists, the majority of people seeking help from a shrink with problems of increased anxiety and depression, also had problems in sexual sphere. With regard to physical health, abstaining from sex can lead to various pathologies of the reproductive system.

What are the reasons?

Do not think that the reason for refusal of sex lies exclusively in the nature of a woman. Not at all. The reasons may be very different from psychological to physical, and this is the reason to seek the advice of a specialist.

Physical causes

Most of the "culprits" are the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Diseases that reduce libido:

- diabetes;

- obesity;

- anemia;

- cystitis;

- diseases of the genital organs;

- diseases of the thyroid gland.

However, it is not always the blocker becomes serious illness — sometimes banal migraine or fatigue nullify all the attempts of men to achieve fun. So men need to enter the position of women and to understand that "headache" is often not an excuse.

Почему некоторые женщины отказываются от половых отношений - Психология -

try to "refresh" relations change, obstanovkata:

Emotional and psychological causes

Here is just a we will focus on depression and stress for any occasion. It is no secret that the female mind is more receptive to external stimuli than men, so the mood swings are quite normal. However, if the depression is prolonged and becomes chronic, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will help to solve the psychological problem, and at the same time will be resolved and intimate.

Another problem might be loss of interest in partner, as he ceases to satisfy a woman as before. This can be caused by recent childbirth or simply age, because libido over the years is weakening quite considerably. To remedy the situation, try to add novelty to your relationship: a change of scenery, travel or just spend a weekend alone.

Once you determine the reason why sex to you is not nice, you will be able to find a way to solve the problem.


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