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Words from a partner that wants to hear every - Psychology -

Psychologists draw attention to important phrases

Ksenia Парфенова28 March 2019 16:16201640

Слова от партнера, которые хочет услышать каждый - Психология -

Words are important not less, Prikosnovenie:

Lately becoming more popular theory about the five languages of love, one of which is words. Not only delicate phrase, but the ability to support and help to cope with everyday trouble. Experts believe that in a relationship attentive to each other plays an important role. Tell how to find the approach to the second half and improve her mood.

"I love you"

It would seem that the simple phrase that expresses our feelings. In reality, however, many people find it difficult to Express their emotions — they do not pay attention to words, demonstrating that they feel that way. If you are a "cracker", which is difficult to share experiences, then surely there for you loved one is not getting enough kind words. Can't talk — write letters. Romantic messages describing what you like and you value a partner who will not leave anyone indifferent.

Слова от партнера, которые хочет услышать каждый - Психология -

Do not hesitate to their, chuvstvovat:

"You look beautiful"

Regardless of gender, person, nice when you pay attention to his appearance. Speaking of beloved, pay attention to how he bravely looks, beauty, color of eyes and great hair. You can also pay attention to the excellent physical shape and excellent sense of style. No one except you knows so many positive features of the exterior of your spouse.

"You're doing great"

According to the hierarchy of needs, every person wants to obtain recognition from the society. The opinion of a loved one even more valuable, because it is formed on the basis of a combination of subjective and objective information. Be attentive to the work and Hobbies of your husband: do not flatter, but do not forget to talk about what really got your attention. For example, the second half is a regular sports — tell him you admire his determination, patience and endurance.

"You're a wonderful husband"

When you are surrounded by attention, it is not surprising that over time you lose the value. Yes, people care about your mood because it is really important, but remember to focus on that. Let your man know that you really appreciate his gifts and small tokens. So he will feel that it was not in vain.

Слова от партнера, которые хочет услышать каждый - Психология -

Praise each of drugatore:

"Let's talk heart to heart"

Although men usually unemotional and try to hide from their women their problems, but they are always happy to know that you are interested in them. In relationships it is important to be not only lovers, but best friends. Ask him to tell you about how the day went, find out about plans for the weekend. Gradually you can translate the topic of conversation on his personal feelings and what was bothering him. Emotional comfort is an important component of the relationship, so try to do maximum to create it.

Слова от партнера, которые хочет услышать каждый - Психология -

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