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Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law: war for life - Psychology -

Problems happen not only in mother-in-law and son-in-law, not less popular disputes between the main women in the house. considered the solution of the conflict

Maria Блавацкая1 APR 2019 14:3473840

Невестка и свекровь: война не на жизнь - Психология -

how to get along with the two Geminate:

Probably, the conflict between mother-and daughter-in-law is the second most popular after the conflict between mother-in-law and son-in-law. If you want to check "walk" on any popular women's forum: find more than one discussion on this topic. Actually quite difficult to outweigh the mother's authority in the eyes of her husband, and whether to do it? Let's face it.

Since we are talking about Russia, a few hundred years ago it was decided to adopt a daughter in the family, where the chief was a man — the father followed the mother, which is also subordinated to all of the younger generation, including "newcomers" from the outside. Moreover, future wife's mother chose for her son almost without his consent, and after the wedding the newly-made wife in General had no voice.

Currently, the situation has changed a lot: now future wife can decide whether her family, which she is going to join or not. It happens that girls refuse from the wedding after the first meeting with the mother of the potential husband. However, most girls fall under the influence of mother-in-law or see the husband goes on about his mother. What to do if you recognize yourself in such a situation?

Невестка и свекровь: война не на жизнь - Психология -

solve all the problems before sudibyo:

No need to divide man

Tug of war won't help you solve the problem. Hardly your man will love if you will monitor the communication with the family. Remember that your future husband in any situation is to love his mother, and your perseverance will likely only harm you personally. When you start to speak negatively about his mother, this behavior does not add points to you, you better try to sit down with your man and discuss what you do not like.

Do not react aggressive on the boards

Whatever they were persistent. Some mother-in-law start from afar: "It would be nice if...", the others are right: "I come in two days to this and this was standing there." Yes, annoying, but your aggression will only inflame the conflict will end with a Grand quarrel. In such situations just say, "Well, we should think," "an interesting Proposal". You're a grown man should not be forced. Solve all the questions independently.

Search for a contact

There is no such that people don't agree on all the points. Surely your mother in law is watching the same TV shows as you, or likes the same kitchen. Try to find out this moment. At every opportunity tell her words of gratitude, not fawned is annoying and unnatural. Try to take part in family life husband: mother-in-law will appreciate it.

Невестка и свекровь: война не на жизнь - Психология -

find the point of soprikosnovenie:

Live separately

The majority of conflicts arise on the grounds of cohabitation. You will be very hard to divide the space in the kitchen, alone with my husband and just relax. The stress will accumulate and one day it will result in a terrible fight. You do not want it? Then do not delay and search for ways to rent or buy their own residential area.

Невестка и свекровь: война не на жизнь - Психология -

don't try to pull her husband to his storenote:

Rate the relationship of the future husband's mom in advance

Another on the way, you have the opportunity to see so how do you reconcile your partner and his mother. If it most of the time my mother, after the wedding nothing will change, don't even think that I will be able to re-educate. Mama's boy is a rather complex characters to live together and build a normal family. If you feel like the third wheel in this relationship, think about whether you need them.


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