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That is the love that I need

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about a common desire to meet your ideal partner

"To be happy, you need to find a man who will love you to be a wonderful lover and a caring father, and then to make sure that these three are not met..."
Not verbatim quote, but it was too appropriate for the title to this article.
Most of us tend to dream about your man, about the second half, which is the perfect way to complement us. Will take on the tasks that we want to resolve and obviously gave up. You can often hear this: "Give me those emotions, which is not enough."
A perfect example are exemplary couples where the man closed the coffin, and the woman is a delicate flower, which he protects. Man earns and the woman provides this pair of feelings. Agree, the picture for many desirable. Male — breadwinner, woman — a mother and a wife, the mistress of the house. And each in their own "cage", in his role carries its obligations and retribution. Women blame men that those constrain their freedom, and crush tyranny, and men claims that they are doing everything for the wives, and those left disappointed and do not appreciate round-the-clock hard labor in the name of the family. And those and others are once again beginning to dream of love and admiration, often finding it with someone third. The picture is very common.
So, don't dream about love? Is there something wrong with wanting to meet the right person?
In these dreams there is nothing to be ashamed of, just that it is healthy and life-affirming tasks. However, when we dream of your man, it is important to keep in mind that he does not owe us anything. Should not come to alleviate the financial burden or to heal past wounds in love. When partners become each other's therapists consistently heal injuries each other, or take into account the painful experiences of the past, the attachment between them grows, and the passion and sexual interest fades. Couple getting each other warm friends, but the relationship of lovers dissolve. And the logical way out is to find someone else to fill the gaping hole in my life. The dream of our heroine, talking to her about these issues:
"I went to some training event, there are different people interesting, deep, and met mujchinam, even the name is somehow remembered — Max. During training, we bonded, got to know and fell in love with each other. When we are talking about the continuation of the communication, I said that I have a husband and child that somehow became a bit of a surprise for him. Apparently, talking about it until this arose. I do not remember how, but I turned out to be the universal "court" — in the audience of the people, where it was learning to tell his life story, how difficult it was for me to find a life partner, I was wrong and craved for love and found only sex. And the current husband was the person who made me feel so comfortable, and it was totally what I wanted. I at first kind of awkward it was to tell them, but somehow needed it. And then there was the main thing I wanted this Max continued to have affection for me, but taking what I am, my history and experience."
It is clear that sleep is not a physical reality. The dream tells her that she dreams of love in my life. Love is a force, it awakens to life stronger than many other States. Love is a disease, the dream of the sick, as he wrote to Irvin Yalom. The dream shows that she dreams of unconditional love for ourselves, about being loved and accepted for who she is. This is what it says on the "court", this attitude makes the metaphorical beloved.
The dream suggests to her that the love of self in short supply in her life. Yet she seeks it from other objects, from men. But she's not sleeping, an adult, can learn to love yourself like this regardless of anyone.
A great hint. I wonder what you dream about? Send us your dreams, and questions on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Maria Dyachkova, a psychologist, family therapist and host of the personal growth training Training center Marik Khazin

expert opinion, interpretation of dreams, love

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