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Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov successors of dynasties

Wedding couples has become one of the most talked-about events last year and tied several star names

Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov is soon to become parents. The name of the baby was invented by the pre — Anatoly, in honor of his grandfather, the legendary Soviet Ambassador to the United States. And this is not only a brilliant representative of several dynasties, which were linked through marriage Galina and Peter...

Their wedding was one of the most talked about events of the past year. And in secular circles this marriage all in the voice call dynasty. She is the daughter of one of the most renowned Russian designers, he is the representative of the famous artistic-diplomatic clan.

Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov was supposed to meet much earlier, even in childhood. Both grew up just a few steps from each other. Galya — in Bryusov lane house number one, Peter at number seven, the famous grandmother. They even once played on the same Playground — near the Church of the ascension. However, to get accustomed to each other became much later, when she has become an enviable bride, and Peter, after studying in England and returned to Russia, decided to start a family. It was then that he would study "the market for brides," said Junior Yudashkin carefully and began to ask about her from mutual friends. Galina then, not knowing about the increased attention on the part of Peter, also interested in the descendant of the famous dynasty. And even made the first step towards sending him as smiley in social networks, and start a conversation about nothing.

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

Valentin Yudashkin with his wife Marina and daughter Golinelli Sharlovskoe

Their first date took place at a van Gogh exhibit. And then the relationship developed rapidly, even by the standards of today's century. Having got acquainted in the beginning of 2014, in the spring they announced their engagement (in honor of this event, Peter gave her a family heirloom — a pair of earrings with sapphires and diamonds that belonged to his great-grandmother, a famous Opera singer Maria Maksakova). Three months later they officially became husband and wife. But then the couple decided to make a long pause to prepare for the wedding and a great wedding.

The wedding ceremony held at Church of St. Clement on Pyatnitskaya street, and later held the wedding in the arcade. It was attended by about five hundred guests. This is understandable: indeed married members are very well-known dynasties. And this is to tell you more.

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

The most famous relative of Peter – his grandmother, actress Lyudmila of Maximally Sharlovskoe

High material

So she was called Galina. From the family, which is considered very strong. After all, her father, Valentin Yudashkin, and mother Marina Yudashkin, have been together for almost thirty years. Their marriage was fire, water and copper pipes. There was a time when Valentine, that though as-that to exist, had to sell the furniture of the house, the car. And belonged to the property of the Marina. "Say, "I am grateful to her" — to say nothing. I immensely appreciate the fact that she has dedicated my life. Believe in me..." — said Yudashkin in one of his interviews. Before marriage, Marina Yudashkin was quite well-known in Bohemian circles as a hairdresser. And of course, many knew and aspiring fashion designer. They married three months after the first date and since then never parted.

In their hospitable house today is going to all the secular Moscow. A frequent guest is Alla Pugacheva: a young designer she met in the mid-eighties, and since then at every show necessarily dressed up in a dress from Yudashkin. U Galiny at the age of five years, even had an affair with the grandson of Alla, Nikita Presnyakov. "He told me sternly said: "If you won't marry me, I'll kill you!" laughing, she said. We are still friends. However, seldom see each other, so we communicate often through Facebook".

Each appearance of Galina in the light of any young man immediately covered by the press. And in 2010, its not "married". Media reported that the youngest Yudashkin here marry young millionaire Ruslan Fahlevi. However, she Galina then, six years ago, said that the sensation is a duck. "Wedding" we with Ruslan journalists satisfied the second time, then said the girl. The first wave of publications took place after the reporters saw us together at the Ritz Carlton on the award of the Luxury Brand Awards-2009. But then my arm didn't have the ring. Therefore, the "sensation" special effect is not produced. And now, seeing the ring, the paparazzi was delighted: here's the proof! And began to fantasize". According to her, a ring, agog press, really gave dad."

Nevertheless Galina always said that dreams to meet someone who love for who carry through life: "I wish I had a family like mom and dad. I had seen a child: the parents love and respect each other. And for twenty-five years of marriage, their feelings have not changed. It is very rare. I from a young age I learned: that love need to cherish and protect all forces."

Today she is Galina hopes that that person will be her Peter Maksakov. Wise Valentin Yudashkin, who once about the engagement of his daughter learned from her Instagram, too, believe in its happy future: "children Have feelings and a General desire to go further together. In 2015 it is as important in marriage, as in any 1915. Another thing is that now all for show. Galya and Peter — from the public family and this situation is not surprised. For their wedding more attention than someone else. Lucky that they are this relaxed attitude".

Picturesque scenes

The most famous relative of Peter — his grandmother, actress Lyudmila Maksakova. When talking about the personal life of Lyudmila Vasilievna, I think primarily about her German husband, Peter Andreas Igenbergs, from which was born the daughter Maria Mack-Saks (Peter's aunt Maria Maksakova). Still, at the time it was a big story! After all, for his love, the actress had to sacrifice the people's glory.

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

The engagement Yudashkina and Maksakova said all Smitto:

"We met in the hallway, — told Lyudmila Maksakova story of meeting with her future husband. — On the occasion of the anniversary of the theater several of our artists were awarded the title. The title of honored artist was awarded to me. I got a call from my friend Lily, the wife of film Director Alexander Mitta, and was persuaded to go to celebrate this event. And here I am, as I remember, in blue knit dress down the stairs and see the entrance of a man in a sheepskin coat, with glasses and fur hat. And the hat somehow, with lowered visor. That was my Peter".

Immediately on the day when Peter made an offer hands and hearts. Ludmila said Yes, but she didn't suspect that puts an end to his brilliant career. Marriage with a foreigner in those years was considered sedition. Almost immediately after the wedding, almost everywhere was taken pictures of her, she was no longer invited to the movies, the problems started in the theatre, many colleagues have ceased to communicate with her. The period of neglect lasted until the mid-seventies — at the height of her feminine beauty. Only when the country began the thaw in the Soviet Union began to invite foreign filmmakers, they were lifting the ban on shooting Lyudmila Maksakova.

However, speaking about marriage with Peter Andreas Igenbergs somehow forget about the first marriage of the actress, which appeared to light her grandson Peter. But her choice at the time, was a significant figure in Soviet art. Artist Lev Zbarsky was born in the famous and very influential family. His father, academician Boris Zbarsky, at the time, embalmed the body of Lenin. Tell you what, when during the war the body of a chief was evacuated to Siberia, there had to leave and the whole family Zbarsky. Little lion went to the compartment, where on a nearby shelf lay Lenin.

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

Galina and Peter got married in September 2014, godatta:

But the scientific path Barskogo not very attractive. From childhood he never parted with a pencil and paper. In the Soviet years, was a very popular artist. Thus, Sergei Dovlatov wrote in his book "Solo on the underwood" that Khrushchev thaw had begun for him with pictures Barskogo. And illustrations to the works of Olesha writer called the pinnacle of perfection.

Before you marry Lyudmila Maksakova, the Academy had a lot of novels (for example from Marianna Vertinskaya) and one marriage with the insanely popular in the early sixties fashion model named Regina. The French magazine Paris Match called her "the most beautiful weapon of the Kremlin". By the way, Regina's fate was tragic: after Leo literally forced her to have an abortion, she tried to commit suicide. Then it was pursued by the authorities, in the end, she died very strangely died with the phone in his hands.

Despite his reputation as a womanizer, my friends say that personal relationships Zbarsky was very decent. Igor Kvasha in his book "turning Point" recalled the artist: "Many believed his first playboy of Moscow, an inveterate womanizer. Despite the fact that he has married, he was faithful to their wives. If in love, then surely married. When love is ended, disperse. But never wives has not changed".

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

A Grand wedding party Yudashkina and Maksakova took place in June 2015 Gotto: INSTAGRAM.COM/MARINAYUDASHKINA

When Zbarsky married Lyudmila Maksakova, she was an all-Union star. However, with the birth of a son Maxim (the father of our hero, Peter Maksakova) the relationship of the couple went wrong. The fact that they lived and Academy Maksakova unfinished in the artist's Studio, which is clearly not fit to raise a baby. Therefore, Lyudmila moved with her son to her mother, Opera singer Maria Maksakova. It is clear that long exist on the two houses the couple failed. After the divorce Zbarsky emigrated to America. Son Maxim has remained with her mother, and the family Council it was decided to give the boy her name — to avoid problems in school and University. Maxim was raised by his stepfather, Peter. Maxim was neither an artist nor an actor nor a musician. He has been in business, lives in Moscow, in Rome, where his current wife and two daughters. But his first marriage with Catherine Dobrynin, which was born a son Peter and daughter Anna, fell apart very quickly. Perhaps because they met too early. Lyudmila Maksakova remembered that when twenty-year Maxim was "pleased" by her news of the marriage, she could only ask: "And you know what to do after getting married at twenty?" "No, mom, what?" he wanted to know. "Divorce" — firmly said Lyudmila.

However, the young wife of his son, Catherine, was very fond of the actress. And with her parents Maksakova communicated even after Maxim has divorced. Father of Catherine Anatoly Dobrynin, the legendary Soviet Ambassador to the United States. He served in this position for about a quarter of a century and have done much to strengthen relations between our countries. So on the maternal side of Peter Maksakova is also very famous relatives.

Young family

It is clear that, having been born in such a family, Peter Maksakov received an excellent education. In his time he studied in the famous capital of the twentieth school, and then went to England, in the prestigious Undl (one of the best schools in Britain, leading the history since the XVI century, the cost of education is about thirty thousand pounds a year). Later, in England, received a diploma Durham University (third oldest in Britain after Oxford and Cambridge). And as the final chord — MBA in international relations. Now Peter several ambitious projects, which are sure everyone close to him, will help to create decent living conditions for young families.

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

Now Galina and Peter are waiting for the firstborn, who must be born at the beginning of aprilette:

Galina Yudashkin, despite their young age, also achieved a lot. She graduated from the historical faculty of Moscow state University with a degree in art. Then he held the position of art Director Valentin Yudashkin. However, although Galina and said that she plans to make a career, it is almost immediately after the wedding, the happy parents, that they soon will be grandparents. The heir should appear in the early spring. At the end of January a young woman flew to America, where he will labor. Before leaving she threw a party for friends. And being at the airport, issued a "farewell" with the hashtag "30weeks": "Well that's all, it's time to go! So fast time flies, now I'll see you in may! And I look forward to new adventures and unforgettable events!"

Galina Yudashkin, Peter Maksakov

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