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How to meet a man at a social event: 5 proven ways

Expert — party planner, socialite Yulia Rybakova — gives proven life and time tips

In ancient times women almost never acquainted first with the opposite sex, they were waiting for the man himself to suit him. Nowadays, it is completely irrelevant. If you don't decide to get acquainted with you liked the man, then, believe me, it will make for you a more determined person. It absolutely does not mean that I encourage women to seek men's location and not to wait until the man himself will take any action. This means that if at a social event you suddenly liked the man, you have to remember that there are several women's tricks, using which you will be able to meet him, not giving him to understand that the initiative came from your side.

1. Ask his opinion

For men there is no greater delight than to feel significant, especially for women. Every male representatives flattered if a woman will be keen to listen to his stories and arguments on a particular topic. Therefore, a good way to meet a man is to ask his opinion on any question need not even be of interest to you. Then all you need is just to listen attentively, looking in eyes to the interlocutor, and sometimes nod, fully agreeing with his opinion. Here are examples of phrases for starting a conversation: "How do you measure?", "It's a wonderful place, isn't it?", "Do you think that this film pulls on the "Oscar"?"

How not to screw it up. There is an important (!) moment. Your questions should not have a negative nature, require deployed thoughtfully answer or contain any gossip. And believe me, even if perenervnichala, you will ask a very stupid question, relaxed smile on your face will save the situation.

2. The man is the protector!

Men by nature are advocates, so when they are faced with women's helplessness, then try to do everything possible to help. The second and personally I fashioned way: create a situation in which you just cannot do without male support. You so fragile that you can't move the chair. You have a headache, and you need to bring a glass of water. You urgently need a pen, and you forgot it at home.

How not to screw it up. The main thing — not to drag a chair across the room independently, showing his unhappy face that the man was not helps you, to come and ask for his help, showing that he can handle your request. Do not forget to smile, because smile works wonders!

3. To fall into his arms

This does not mean that need to be hung on the neck of any man, but why not just fall?! Let me explain what I. One of my friend liked a young man, but, because of their shyness, she didn't know how to approach him and speak, although they are quite frequently met at social events. And at one social event, passing by this Mr. X, I "accidentally" pushed her on him. And so she flies into his arms, and he, like a true gentleman, takes it up and starts a conversation. By the way, during this conversation it became clear that he too had wanted to meet her, but was zastenchivaya her.

How not to screw it up. The main thing — do not forget that this is a staged play, not replay, and the case can end with hospitalization of you or your Beau. By the way, you get quite an extravagant way of experience.

4. Become a mystery evening!

Men have always loved to solve complex problems, so you can do the first step, but just to hint the man that you are against this move on his part. You can wink, wave, smile.

How not to screw it up. The main thing — do not overdo it with the mystery and don't make it Intrusive. If a man does not respond to your signs, so he doesn't want to meet with you or does not understand the hint. Then see the 5th paragraph.

5. Tell immediacy "YES"!

Why don't you go over and talk to him. I'm for honesty. I want to say — tell me, I want to meet you — meet! Men are not stupid in the majority and feel a false and affectation, so if there is interest, why not just report it, without any extra games. Here are some suitable phrases: "Hello! I'm Julia. We are familiar?", "Young man, you have a great perfume! It's Versace? By the way, my name is Yulya!"

How not to screw it up. The main thing is not to beat: no "Your mother's sister-in-law is not needed" or "I'd look at you and understand that you can't afford to walk away from this event without knowing the name of such a Prince." Simplicity and honesty — that's your Forte!

And perhaps the most important thing is to be yourself! Men first bite not on appearance, as many believe, and the power of women. So don't be afraid and go for it, ladies!

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