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Sex without a relationship: should I start?

Expert psychologist Alain al-As, reflects the difficulties experienced by women who choose sex without commitment

The question of whether to enter into a sexual relationship without permanent relationships and commitments are always worried about the both sexes. However, women and men approach different. So it is often such variant of communication with an object of desire for the fair sex is not working. Let's try to understand what is the problem?

To start I would like to remember the popular TV series "sex and the city". The four characters — four different approaches to life and to sex. One of the brightest heroines — Samantha, who lives on the principle of "not looking for anyone, sleep with whoever you want". Throughout the series her life is shown in a very good light. She lives to the fullest, has a career, makes good money and can drag in the bed of any handsome man in town. It would seem, not living the dream. But is it possible in reality?

Секс без отношений: стоит ли начинать?

Psychologist Alain al-AU believes that casual sex in a woman's life should be present only in certain, periodite: materials of press-services

Even today, despite all the sexual freedom that has every adult, society is not prepared to allow the same opportunities for men and women. It allowed us to control the aircraft, international corporations and almost entire continents, but continues to impose a certain pattern of relationships. So the woman in this kind of relationship is facing difficulties. For example, when casual sex offers man, is seen as normal and some even welcomed, they say, well, that man in advance to warn about the lack of prospects. But when free sex woman insists, the question immediately arises: "Is it possible?", "Is it not immoral?" Despite the fact that even medicine has long been proven that female abstinence is not useful, and at a later age only accelerates the approach of menopause.

The thing is that concepts such as "morality", "morality", "chastity", we still connected with a woman. The society has developed a traditional program where women as "homemakers", responsible for "purity" in every sense. From this program, it follows that she must be faithful and humble, keep the rest of the family to forgive her man and take care of it. In many ways, it comes from biology. The task of man — the development of new territories and spread their genetic material, the task of women — creating comfort and stability for their offspring. All of this inherent nature. Many women cannot imagine sex without love and relationships. Very often the alleged "sex without commitment" we agree only in the hope of finding a man for relationship and marriage. And even if they are aware of the fact that it's just sex, anyway, after a short time, become attached and fall in love. This is the female essence. It just so happened that we often refuse to hear themselves and their true needs.

I would recommend to make decisions based on their feelings and desires, and not on the opinions of others. Your life. You don't make absolutely anything illegal, so allow yourself to make a personal choice. Personally, I believe that sex and relationships are completely different needs, although of course ideally they should go together. But sex without a relationship is possible just the same as a relationship without sex (rare, but happens).

Sex without a relationship in a woman's life may be present, but only in some specific periods. We may speculate on the development of civilization, but our instincts usually lead us down the right road. The main thing — to listen to yourself. Just want to stress that you should not abandon it just because of the fear that someone will judge. Decide for yourself what is good for you. I to be happy.

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