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It's some kind of mystical sign

Expert Maria Dyachkova examines the dreams of a woman who has encountered love Treblinka

There are dreams, hints are hints, there are complex metaphors. But in this dream even labels will not be nuclease. Clean water is a mystical sign.

To understand and you what his magic is, I a few words will tell about our knowidea. It's a young woman going through the divorce process. And to divorce her husband came as a result of her bold recognition in connection with another man. The eternal theme — love triangle.

By the way, in family therapy infidelity is a cry of a pair help. To stay together so unbearably hard that the couple invites the third or third to help him/her to keep their existence.

This does not negate the pain, drama, love frames and many complex feelings, which every member of this configuration is experiencing. Our navideca decided consciously to stop the flow manipulations, omissions, complex ways of communicating and receiving "love", instead, she did everything a secret revealed and stopped to invest in inferior to. Part of this work was the divorce. And of course, when a couple breaks up not with a pure soul, the separation process burdened with different twists and turns and a new vision of their role and personal contribution to created once the situation.

Here's her dream:

"Essentially does not remember just talking with my therapist, perhaps there is something to complain about ex-husband, and she said to me: "And you read "Behind closed doors."

Woke up googled. there is a play by Sartre, and is called "Behind closed doors."

Abstract: a Long corridor, a small room filled with light. Here light is always off, it is impossible to repay. In this room, no beds, only sofas — those who came here, not to sleep. Three strangers in one room with the door closed, where there is no escape. Each had their own lives, their secrets. Everyone has done something, which is not willing to tell others. They have caused too much pain to people, they lived for themselves. Now they have the worst test: each of them is the executioner, the torturer for the other two. What sins are you hiding? Moral pain is stronger than physical. They must uncover, enough time in front of them forever. After all, they are in hell."

Can you imagine?"

What can I say? Artwork, which in the radical form, tells what happened to her some time later. The third man is the executioner for inviolable connection with the partnership. The deepest thought that she herself Priscila.

What you dream about?

sleep, mystery, love triangle

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