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Top 5 confessions in the life of a couple

The phrase "I love you" this list does not include

I respect you

That respect is the key to a healthy loving relationship, did not write, probably just lazy. However, it is important to understand that we are talking not only about this concept in a global sense. Respect not only for some achievements. The identity of the person who is next to you, consists of thousands of positive features, each of which deserves respect. The most important thing — to see, to notice them and to remember.

I can hear you

Any relationship is communication, and in an ideal — still and understanding. However, in this particular case, we used the word "hear" is not accidental. Because often your partner is not so much in need of absolute understanding — after all we are all different, how much confidence that listen to him. And not pretend. Only under this condition, the pair was able to maintain an open dialogue and, therefore, able to solve any problem.

I'll support

One may argue about female emancipation, male power and human independence from each other. And yet, any relationship, particularly romantic — it is complicity. Not so important, in what sphere your partner need support in business development or approval of a new outfit. Knowing that a loved one supports you, can inspire as much as cuts the ground from under the feet of his unjustified criticism.

I thank you

For each day spent together, for all the joyful moments that you have experienced, for children, for a thin scar on the beloved... well, you understand, — in General, for anything. Sincere gratitude is the most pure and disinterested feeling which ennobles not only the person to whom addressed, but also the one who suffers.

I think you are

Do not confuse respect and acceptance. First, as a rule, all refers to the qualities of your partner. But people without flaws do not exist. However, the romantics claim that in a loved one and they turn into merits, but objectively speaking, with the time when the first osleplennost fiery feeling has disappeared, it's hard to close your eyes to something frankly irritating. And it's not worth to do that. Instead, admit to yourself that this habit/trait/feature of your beloved is, you don't like it, but to change it no way (or desire). It would seem, all is obvious. But the fact that you realized the existence of certain deficiencies of your partner, describe them to themselves and continued to do, even given their is adoption. There are no perfect people. But if it did, with them, it would probably be very boring.

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