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How spouses are affected by karma

Expert psychic, clairvoyant, transpersonal parapsychologist Elizabeth Lileev — why even a visit to a psychologist may sometimes not solve the problems in the relationship couples

Would like to meet a stranger's gaze and realize that I know him all his life. You match each other, start talking, and inside the feeling he can read your thoughts. Every second is filled with energy and meaning. It seems that you have met your twin, your whole life you were looking for just that kind of friend/lover/husband. Congratulations, you have embarked on the path of karmic relations.
The karma thing is very tricky: in each new incarnation you are destined to work out that you don't have time/couldn't do in a past life. And most often it is not the most positive experience. And these nodes, and we accumulate over many lives from incarnation to incarnation from trying to untie.
In the beginning it sparkles and shines: you're in love, happy, a feeling that with the one you associate some of the divine thread. Time goes by, you become totally absorbed in this experience, most likely, starting a family (marriage, for such emotions are very rapidly). And here begins something inexplicable. Everything is falling apart. And, the reason you and your "perfect man" can not understand. Often this happens — a quarrel in a vacuum. A person becomes unbearable, it is even worse. Every second is suffering, the showdown, very strong feelings. You turn to psychologists, go through a long and expensive sessions. Does not help. Crutches don't work. All the big ends in divorce and the desire to disappear from the face of the Earth, if only not to see this monster.

What is the mechanism of karmic knots? Perhaps this understanding will help us to cope with them easier?

Long ago there were two souls, they had in relation to each other pure divine task. To love, to open, to help each other, to learn something important to the skill that each alone can not obtain. Often through the love of each of these two had to come to your creativity, the potential, to his personal genius. That is, due to the relationship of the couple, would grow both to realize your personal leap.

What happened?

Not war, not the intervention of parents, not prison. Prevents usually the fear of sincere disclosure of himself to another person. All we are masters of building protection and does not genuinely reveal. So, for example, occurred when a young woman, let's call her Maria, and the young fellow Basil. Both together were bound to love, Maria must have been in their Union to give birth to 15 children, to learn to embroider, to daughters to learn this noble lesson and went from them, the great and mighty family of belosic, revered in the area. Mary would have lived to a ripe old age, would see grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, it would be honored and respected in the family. And in the next life she was born into a wealthy family, a lot of people would be in her obedience, she would drive them and good for the heart, helping his subjects to build their lives. Founded a school, nursing home. But that's another story.

What about the Basil? What he meant was would he go in sincere Union with Mary? In his village he would be a very respected man and the head. Would work hands down, such as the home. And would their numerous family role model to everyone else. People using them should see where they should aim, and thus formed these families — thanks to the increase of love towards each other.

But Mary was frightened, she could not believe the Basil, it seemed to her too young and hot, and my mother always told Marie that the groom should choose a calm and quiet. And Mary chose Stephen, a painful quiet guy, was a washerwoman, lived in poverty and discontent for the rest of my life, had two children. Vasily no, it's drunk, too, married the wrong woman. You know how it goes, right?

I will not have Mary in my next life administering the estate or terrain, because it has not acquired the necessary skill in this life.

And in the next life, born again in a poor family, she will meet again with Basil. On the soul level each other, they'll find out, but they will influence also tied their previous karmic knot. And to set the tone for their relationship will be he, and not the problem of their souls in relation to each other.

How to fix it?

Unfortunately, the reality is that these two in this life can not solve anything. Mary can go to counseling, Basil can conduct intimate conversations with friends — all it. Because the knot earlier. Accordingly, it is necessary to unleash it through the campaign in a past incarnation, where Mary became frightened, and Vasily did not insist. And only showing their souls in this life the reasons for what happens to them now, only if they are both on the Soul level, understand how we could do otherwise, the node will unleash. And the story of these two people will start with a clean slate. This is done in sessions called "regressive hypnosis", with a specialist who is conducting it. Life is divided into life before and after the session. One moment the person is released.

I myself went through the experience of the outbreak of the karmic knot. And from my own experience, I can say that, despite the fact that we are in that period of time was with her ex-husband in the divorce, the relationship continued to be difficult and challenging. Inside me, they were frankly heavy. After the session I felt much lighter. Left rage against the man, now just a normal human attitude. And no, we are not reunited again, each of us has founded his happy family. Because the reality is that sometimes the time has passed so that people associate only karmic knot between them and nothing more. Their tasks they have to solve with other people around.

So do not look for answers outside. Stop blaming your ex, blame the parents, offended by friends. They are not to blame, because all the answers and all the reasons that happen to us — they are inside you. Stop, exhale and take a journey inward, and there you will find all the answers. And maybe these dives lies a new path, a new sense of self and happiness to be free from any karmic ties and nodes.

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