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Unrequited love is a strong psychological trauma

Scientists have discovered why tender feelings can cause rejection and hostility

American scientists have wondered why people on the one hand waiting for a love confession from his partner, and on the other hand terribly afraid of it. To the extent that the words the feelings can cause a tantrum or aggression in humans.

Representatives of the American Association of Glendon, which specializiruetsya on the study of human psychology, conducted a series of studies.

The first thing they found out that the subjects were not always aware of their strong negative reaction on an expression of love. Moreover, they themselves are unable to explain such a rapid surge of emotion. It seemed to them that on the contrary, they are waiting for these words from your beloved.

Scientists came to the conclusion that this is an unconscious process. Declaration of love forces people to react, change their lives, that is displays of the usual comfort zone. This moment causes irritation.

Man once after a bad experience: unrequited love, betrayal, divorce does not want that to happen again. The psyche retains the memory: "in such circumstances, you were hurt." And the man unconsciously begins to protect themselves from emotional intimacy and affection, trying to get away from your partner.

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