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The subtleties of communication with the opposite sex: why do we complicate your life

Author Vladislav Makarchuk, despite her young age, managed to write two books, work as a journalist and to go to study as the economist. And she talks about what excites her in a particular moment. Today it is — gender studies

"Recently we went with a friend talking about the perception of guys and their behavior. She said that I have a too simple attitude to the opposite sex and it can play a cruel joke with me. I won't deny the fact that for the most part do not wind itself from scratch and will rather assume that the guy does certain actions just. I'm not proud of it, just put before the fact, since you want to talk about one of the most common problems in relations between people.

Have you noticed how many troubles, insults and dirty looks could have been avoided if people would not cheat themselves? Without realizing it, we create the "sharp corners" where they could be easily avoided. Instead rejoice in the fellowship with those who do want to talk and see each other, we come up with thousands of reasons why this happens, and then be offended if it's much, much easier. Now let me explain: because of "nakrutok" we do not communicate with those with whom you want, because he managed to invent a non-existent limitations. We put ourselves into the frame, and it would be better instead just enjoyed the conversations and meetings.

Тонкости общения с противоположным полом: почему мы сами усложняем себе жизнь

"Ease of perception is what is missing in the modern world"

I all try hard to prove that the guy can't call "just because", it won't help if you have at least once thought about sleeping with you, and indeed he will not ask, "how are you" without a subtext. But I wonder, who invented it and why are girls so faithfully (blindly?) believe such stereotypes?

In the end, guys are people too and they want banal communication, information sharing, light flirting. Girls also like to discuss with the boys their own problems, so why not to ask us some things "just so", without a hint of something more? Ease of perception — that is what is missing in our modern world.

Experiencing age teenage maximalism, I thought that the girl must not write the first, call it a, and call for a walk — it's all a mess. At the same time, I shared the guys on the "like/friend/friend/etc.". I have not made a move on anyone! A couple of years ago I started to take pictures and then by accident, I had to write to photographers and I often come across guys. It was then that I realized that call — not to offer to rent an apartment and get a dog. Now I can dial a friend and ask to walk (this is not an achievement, of course, but let's be honest — not all girls are capable of it). And if calling him, I don't mean no romantic fantasies, that's why, when it's the reverse, I should think that he can't live without me can? I can also write "Vkontakte" or "telegram" to someone from friends just because I'm bored and have absolutely nothing to do. You understand what I mean, right?

Тонкости общения с противоположным полом: почему мы сами усложняем себе жизнь

"Without realizing it, we create the "sharp corners" where they could easily avoid"

Just imagine how it would be easier to communicate if we weren't looking for hidden meaning where there is none? Why such a model of behavior called naivete, and "brain stem" imagine the same wisdom?

Of course, I remember the days when I analyzed the behavior of the guy trying to find his messages and the views. When you like someone, his behavior is seen differently, of course. Here come the problem, taking offense. Most importantly, time to stop the abilities of Sherlock and just enjoy the fellowship. Believe me, if a person wants to bond with another person he will find a way and it will be so obvious and clear that you will not have to seek out the crumbs of hints.

I wanted to convey one simple truth: communication is a way to know a person, but not wanting to spend old age together. Yes, it is possible that after a while you will want to devote themselves to each other, but it is impossible to think about anyone who shows a bit of attention.

If we cease to cheat yourself, it will become a little happier, I can assure you."

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