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"Pomatrosil and threw" — why men run away after the first sex?

Scientists have found three causes of male impermanence

The sudden introduction of that first wonderful date, a romantic dinner, rolling into the bedroom. And in the morning, as if nothing had happened. The Prince has vanished without a trace. Alas, this scenario is faced by many girls in his life.

Scientists have found the explanation of such behavior of men.

The first reason is hormonal. After sex, the level of testosterone in the male body decreases. He needs time to recover. Whereas in women, the hormone oxytocin increases and she needs to "continue the Banquet". The man unconsciously striving to escape — his body its function has completed.

The second reason is psychological. Oddly enough, many representatives of the stronger sex like it is the process of courtship, not of possession. It's also possible the girl to him and needed it for one night just for the satisfaction of physical needs of the body. In the morning he doesn't remember her name, let alone talk to her, to make any further plans... Easier to escape.

The third is social. Touching Cinderella with a ball at night can turn into quite a witch. This is the case when sex. A man is disappointed in his partner and so it goes.

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