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Named the ideal age for marriage

Scientists have deduced the formula which can calculate the optimal time to create a family

Arguments about what age is considered ideal for marriage, not the end. In Europe and USA brides and grooms actively "age": increasingly formalize relations people from 35 years and older. There is considered to be that the creation of a family is necessary to ripen morally and financially. In our country many still to strelitsa to celebrate the 30th anniversary, not having an official wife. Anyway, British researchers decided to find out what age is best for marriage from a scientific point of view. Journalist Brian Christian and scientist cognitivist Tom Griffiths recently published a book, in which appears the so-called "rule 37 percent." It is, according to the authors, will help in love to do everything on time.

So, at what age you should go to the Registrar, according to Christian and Griffiths? At the age of 26. However, this figure is conditional — it is calculated according to the following algorithm: on marriage or marriage people are starting to think (according to the authors) at the age from 18 to 40 years. And the best time for marriage accounted for 37% of the total period. The Christian and Griffiths considered the period of 22 years (from 18 to 40 years) minus those 37%. If you start to think about creating families are not 18 years of age and later, and your "ideal" age for marriage, respectively, is shifted. And Griffiths believes that to find a partner for life after 26 years, it is of course possible, but every year the chance of creating a happy family is reduced.

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