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Can a woman be friends with a man?

Psychologists from the United States found the answer to the question, over which mankind fought for centuries

According to American psychologists, the friendship between both genders just can't be. Because it is contrary to nature. Usually friendships grow in flirting, when one of the friends begins to feel sympathy for another.

Psychologists have conducted a poll among several dozen respondents and found that more than half of the cases of opposite-sex friendship ended with the novel, and sometimes even a wedding.

At the same time, according to research by American specialists, the couple is more likely to choose as friends of the same pair, but will not communicate with only one spouse or a single person. This is due to an underlying desire to protect your marriage from the notorious love triangle.

Psychologists advise to be careful in dealing with the opposite sex, friendly attention on the part of men a girl could make for a romantic courtship.

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