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"Chained": the secrets of happiness the most solid star couples

Celebrities, who, despite everything, to save your marriage

Life is not a fairy tale. To live long and happily — most wisdom. And then I heard like disintegrate, it would seem that the most durable pair. But there are those who have managed, despite all the vicissitudes, save the marriage. Among celebrities, which are generally considered quite windy, was a lot those who are loyal to your other half. To name just some of the characters.

Nikita and Tatyana Mikhalkov

To be the wife of such lumps of gold as Nikita Mikhalkov, almost forty-five years — a feat. His overbearing future master of the national cinema showed already on the first date, when he led a young fashion model Tanya Solovyov to the bathroom to wash off her war paint. Subsequently, she had to completely abandon the model career, devoting herself to her family and raising three children: Anna, Artem, and Nadia. Despite different personalities, spouses to this day manages to retain warmth and respect for each other. "The most important thing — love! Nikita — ordinary person. But you have to understand the scale of his personality, to be able to forgive and to be strong personality," — says Tatiana.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Will Smith and jada Pinkett Setphoto:

Will Smith and jada Pinkett-Smith

Will not immediately appreciated the advantages of Jada. They met in 1990 during the filming and were married only seven years later. But as it turned out, these two are good for each other. Jada supports her husband in all his endeavors, but is also the most impartial critic of his new works. They grow up two children — son Jaden and daughter willow. Around pair goes a lot of gossip about the fact that they are supporters of an open relationship, practicing the swing and all on the verge of divorce. Tired of speculation, jada gave an interview, which frankly told about his marriage: "my Husband supported me in the most difficult moments of life. But it is not forgotten. Many other things that you do not realize they can change... but it remains the same: I love him, and he's my best friend. We always have this feeling and nothing could shake. Nothing."

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Dmitry and Elena Malikova Lily Sharlovskoe

Dmitry and Elena Malikova

"We just live a very long time under one roof. And over time, I for Dima is so... God. Wishes my he can't hear, and when he needs something — immediately appeals to me. People who live together twenty-four years, or really together, or so — seen exclusively on family outing with children in the Park" — ironically said Elena Malikova in an interview. However, this pair is called one of the most strong and harmonious in our show business. Dmitry said Elena, my Muse, and their daughter Stephanie has grown into a real beauty and a creative person.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Chistyakov Picoblade

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov

Among the younger generation a model of a true and loving man can be called Dmitri Pevtsov. To his wife Olga, he refers with admiration for twenty-five years. The history of this love began in the cinematic area when both auditioned for roles in the movie "walk on the scaffold". "After meeting with Olga I realized: miss that woman make the fatal mistake, he told the Singers. — I was very lucky, because Olga was the one mate." Almost fifteen years they were waiting for the birth of the child, and, when desperate, a miracle happened. In 2007, forty-two years, the actress became a mother. Their son Elisha took the best features of both parents.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

And this extravagant twosome and extremely durable. The great and Terrible tied the knot in 1982. Sharon is a big fan of creativity of the husband and his friend fighting. The couple has three children. But this family did not pass the test. In may last year the star couple announced about their divorce. The reason for this was treason 67-year-old rocker. It turned out that Ozzy was having an affair with 45-year-old hairdresser Michelle. After learning about the incident, Sharon, without thinking, put out of the house unfaithful husband. Although children have suggested that parents will still make peace. What happened: cooled, Sharon divorce changed his mind. Affected and the sincere repentance of the husband, and the advice of a therapist — yet thirty-three years of marriage just from the accounts didn't budge.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Alexander and Ekaterina Avramenko Screenoverlay

Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov

They were only fourteen when the first love covered them as the heroes of the novel of Shakespeare. Fortunately, the personal life of Alexander and Catherine was much happier. They married just after adulthood, and were married in the Church, cementing their Union before God. Alexander believes that the intelligent man obeys his wife. "A weakling will always compensate for the lack of masculinity attempts to lead, to shout that he's in charge. Henpecked — man, honestly recognizing or having the strength to admit that a woman who stays with him is the main thing in his life." Perhaps this is their secret of family happiness.

Sting and Trudy

Cupid's arrow once struck sting in the heart and for life. "I'll never forget our first meeting Trudy at the party. I noticed on her very light green eyes and a pale scar on his cheek as a reminder of the attack of some beast of prey... Strange, but it did not spoil her beauty, on the contrary, it seemed to the wounded angel. We are destined to meet, to heal each other," romantic he remembered about the event. From the sweet Englishman's millions of fans around the world, but he loves his wife. Soon they will celebrate the thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. Trudy and sting are engaged not only creativity, but also social activities — environmental issues and the fight against drugs. Singer believes that unites them and Tantra, which they have long been passionate about.

Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Lupian

That's really who can put up a monument as the guardian of the family hearth, so it's Larissa. In the handsome d'artagnan she fell in love with while still a student, and three years waiting for his proposal of marriage. And then bravely endured and romantic attraction wife windy, and his passion for the green snake. But now in the family harmony. "I finally waited for the moment when Misha changed for the better, — says Larissa. — Love-hate, which was earlier moved into the love-respect. I have suffered my happiness. We somehow believe the perfect couple, although we never such was not". Their daughter Lisa also became an actress, and son Michael, a businessman, and the family have three grandchildren.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

David and Victoria Berhampore:

David and Victoria Beckham

In seventeen years of marriage, the Beckhams have become a kind of brand — elegant model yet-binding family of four children. Idyll was broken by a controversial incident involving a nanny who told the world about the intimate connection with the player. But nothing momentous has happened: the other woman put out of the house, peace between spouses was restored. But your insights David and Victoria did the hype around his personal life attracts attention. Last year — on the eve of fashion Week — in the press again began to circulate rumors of a rift in the star family. As it turned out, it was only a PR move by Beckham. The advertising and fashion business is now the main source of family income. Earn even older children — Brooklyn, Romeo, are courted by designers. The status of the star couple is estimated at five hundred million pounds, the Beckhams are much richer than the British Queen.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Filipp Yankovsky and Oksana Avramenko Underagenude

Filipp Yankovsky & Oksana Fandera

Filipp Yankovsky met the beautiful Oksana Fandera for a friend's birthday and a month later he proposed to her. Although his father, people's artist of the USSR Oleg Yankovsky, was against hasty decisions: the family decided to make a choice once and for life. Nevertheless, the young couple married and happy together for twenty six years. The couple have two children: son Ivan, who also became an actor, and daughter Lisa. Some time ago the press was talking about the novel Philip with Lena Perova, nevertheless, the marriage was saved. "I can love only one man, absolutely faithful, monogamous," — admitted in an interview with Oksana. Lucky you Philip!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

The actors met thirty years ago on the set of the Comedy "Experts", where they began an office romance that ended with the vows at the altar. In fact, they had to prove their love not only in joy but in sorrow. In 2009, the family had a tragedy: tragically killed sixteen-year-old son of actors Jett. The boy had fits of epilepsy, during one, he fell and cracked his head on the edge of the bath. Only mutual support helped them in these terrible days. A year later, the family had little Benjamin, what can be considered a miracle. After all doctors to give birth, 47-year-old Preston was absolutely contraindicated. However, all went well and now the baby has to go to school. Also the couple have a sixteen year old daughter Ella.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kikazaru Sharlovskoe

Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kiknadze

Ivan Urgant, like the hero of Russian fairy tales, had to perform the feat to win the heart of beauty. Still at school he was in love with the schoolmate Natalia Kiknadze and at the prom he proposed to her. Alas, the girl did not take the hapless suitor seriously. She soon married a businessman, and Ivan went to Moscow to conquer the vastness of show business. Here he had an affair with a colleague at the television Tania Gevorgyan, and the press started to write about the impending wedding, but... In 2006, Ivan, already covered with glory, went to his native St. Petersburg to visit family. And, as usual in a happy fairy tales, he met his first love Natalia, which by that time was divorced. The second time the girl their happiness didn't. The result — a marriage and two children. But fans of the charismatic TV presenter bite your elbows, because Urgant says that for him there is nothing more important than family.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Ferrisstate:

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

When the filming of the Australian series "Corelli" views 26-year-old debutant Hugh and experienced 39-year-old Deborah was found, no one expected that the affair will grow into a strong marriage. Detractors often wonder: what did star handsome "old man"? He said that Deborra — his woman. Thanks to her wisdom, tact and the support he held in the profession and in life. The main problem of this couple was that they could not have children. No treatment expensive doctors, no hormones, no IVF, nothing helped. After two miscarriages in 2000, the couple decided to adopt a boy Oscar, and five years later adopted a baby girl, Ava Eliot.

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Vera Alentova and Vladimir Kovalev Miniseminar

Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov

Among the Russian actors of this pair is considered to be "long lived". They are together more than half a century: was married, being students of the VGIK. And for seven years after graduation, the couple lived in poverty, roam without money, lived in different hostels. Their daughter Julia for some time, even slept in a big box from under the Shoe: her young parents didn't have money for a crib. And when life is finally coming together and both actors have been actively removed, a rift. They even decided to break up, but after a while realized that without each other can not. "I realized that love is not dead, she's just tired. We reunited four years later. And it is a miracle because I can get a divorce and all life can be without each other miserable," admitted Faith.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Soon actors will be celebrating the twentieth wedding anniversary. The couple has three children grow up the son James and twins Marion and Tabitha. A couple of years ago in the media exaggerated rumors of a rift in the family. Matthew began to look at young girls, which could not to upset his wife. Supposedly Sarah Jessica even began to think about divorce, but the specific action is not reached. "We have our problems, but that's life. Agree, boring to exist quite so rosy. So my position is simple: I choose a family, I like to be married to a wonderful man who is almost always in all is by my side".

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Constato:

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

They were born on the same day — September 25... with a difference in twenty-five years. By the time the meeting with Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas was already a Hollywood star of the first magnitude, firmly married to Diandra luker,. Charm Katherine against twenty years of marriage — and the actor have decided to divorce, to propose to his beloved. The young actress graciously accepted and courtship and expensive gifts, evil tongues gossiped about her alleged selfish motives. However, subsequent events showed that it is not. Ten years of cloudless happiness, two kids... And in 2010 Douglas was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in the last, fourth stage. Catherine was the most faithful and loving wife, what can imagine. Her support helped the actor to recover. She was so worried and then she came to the clinic with a nervous breakdown. This has caused a new crisis in the family: the actors have decided to live separately. The official representative of the couple said that they will "work on relationships". Apparently, this work has benefited — in October of last year, Michael returned to the family mansion in new York and asked his wife to give their relationship a second chance.

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