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What do you want, my dear?

Eighth of March is getting closer, and ideas — less. WomanHit shares ideas on how to surprise your beloved

Gold and diamonds are a girl's best friend, who would argue. But the stones are valued cleanliness and size, so not every gentleman have enough money for such a gift. A gold chain is no surprise.

Loiter in perfume shops, too little sense. Creams and shampoos are chosen for the type of skin and hair. And perfumes and deodorants to give indecent at all — thus you are implying that ladies smell not the most pleasant way.

And even if it seems that everything-all she had is what WomanHit made several original variants.


Riding the dog is still snow-covered field, a parachute jump or a master class on making clay pots. She will not forget this day, in contrast to mere trinkets that you bring.

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?

Yoga under потолком

Maybe your friend an athlete? Then practice air yoga — for her.


March 8 — day off and let his beloved to rest. Take all the household chores themselves, and send her into a day SPA. In the evening you will receive fresh, beautiful, peaceful wife.

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?


50 shades of grey

To watch a romantic movie together, and then repeat especially any moments — why not. March 8 may be a continuation of the celebration of Valentine's Day. And appropriate surroundings, and attributes a festive night depend only on your imagination and modesty.

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?

Based on "50 shades of grey"


Beloved in the image of "the crazy Empress", a dashing rocker, a shepherdess of the fields of Provence or mermaid? Any whim for your money. The Studio is now equipped with a variety of props, which you can use to turn even in Snow white, at least in Baba Yaga. That's someone which style is closer to.

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?

Role съемки

High-quality photos will remain for a long time and will remind you of this happy day.

Three nuts for Cinderella

Small inconspicuous requests that you've been putting off "for later". Her timid hints, no, not fur from the Shanghai leopard, and a new umbrella for the spring season. Yes, even just cleaned the apartment and otoczenie knives can become for many women a great and welcome gift.

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?

Cinderella a lot and not Nazakat from the movie "Three nuts for Cinderella"

gifts on March 8

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