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How to get rid of loneliness in 21 days

Coach relations Leo Vozhevatov shares the secrets of attracting women's happiness

A reputable expert in male psychology, Executive coach relationship Leo Vozhevatov in his new book, "BDSM: goddess for his men. To find, to attract, to charm" gives important advice to women how to think and act in new ways, achieving happiness smart, elegant and effective way.

The strategy of "attracted — pushed". This is the most important strategy for any woman. It is a strategy for life, and need to possess it in perfection. From this strategy depends on everything in a woman's life or loneliness, or a long and happy family life.

So. The first stage is for a woman. Yes, Yes and Yes again! The flower attracts the bee with its appearance, because the bee will not fly on a nettle. Therefore, it is necessary to become a flower. It is impossible to attract a single man, not being attractive to most men.

All women love the expression: "a Man should be a hunter, he let me run". For some, this dubious position becomes the slogan for life. No question. Let's deal.

So, Les. A hunter with a gun sneaking through the windbreak. Suddenly from behind the trees appeared a Bunny. Ears waved, turned the tail. Hunter noticed (yeah!) and ran after him. While I was running, overcame obstacles such as ravines, pits, broken trees. Ran all the time, yet I saw a hare in front of him. Once the hare was gone, the hunter stopped. Bunny reappeared within easy reach of the hunter, and the race continued.

If the rabbit appeared a kilometer from the hunter on the hill, the hunt would have ended as quickly as it had begun, because of the inappropriateness of the chase.

This is the metaphorical answer to those girls who complain that suddenly the man abruptly disappears. Maybe he realized you're too far away from him?

Return to our pursuit. Overcoming these tantalising, hunter still catches the hare, carefully holding it in his hands. A valuable friend, for I had half a forest to run and feet.

Как избавиться от одиночества за 21 день

What to do to a man began to hunt?

Now, about you and about men. Everything is exactly the same as in the above described chase scene. The man began to hunt, he must show that he (attention!) there's a chance. How many girls walk the streets with such persons, that to them and scared!

What's going on in the minds of many women? "Well, here it is, all so cool, but so what? I, too, cool! He probably thinks that all women at his feet?! Pfft something! Yeah, if he thinks so, if he is so cool, I'm not like everyone else, I'm special, give me to break him down, I'll pretend that I'm not impressed. We'll let him stew and he will start I give. And the men have all spilled all! Used to freebies! Here in America..."

But in the end, nothing happens. And all because we, men, sorry, blunt. That's a very difficult circuit for us!

The men like? Smiles — should go and meet, not smiling — she didn't like me, I will go from here. Here we are simple.

Secure the material script of "the chase":

1st stage — Attraction.

2nd stage — a Man reacts and is involved.

The 3rd phase is to Push.

4th stage — Again attraction.

5-th stage — Man overcomes obstacles and falls in love.

You went outside beautiful Friday evening. In the crowd your beautiful gait and excellent appearance (attraction!) noticed 100 men.

Of the 100 decided to come and meet you 15. Among these 15, four you're interested in. While you were talking with a prospective instances, they felt your good mood and easy communication (attraction!).

To communicate with you they feel like something special. The body began to signal the brain — it's cool, don't be stupid. The brain is also in shock from a pleasant dialogue (compared to other girls), and he rapidly sends signals to continue the acquaintance, in parallel including a male activity.

A man wants to call and chat but you're a little doubt (repulsion!), and here begins the overload in men — there is the fear of losing such an interesting girl, which in turn dramatically increases your value in the moment. After some time the man still gets your contacts and make an appointment. You said goodbye, but that he had to fight at the first stage, plus how cool are you (feminine, playful, easy) led adds a special finish. Man thinks about you when you're not. He's worried about. Experiencing. Scrolls your acquaintance. Trying to find you in social networks, more and more falling in love, unwittingly. Well, the more the better.

Why does it work?

This mechanism (attracted-pushed) we will train, and soon you will see how it is simple and effective. I just wondered why? And why such efficiency? The answer was not long in coming is a natural model. All the same people — is first and foremost animals, though social and in first place we have instincts, and then everything else.

Therefore, in the relationships of women's education, erudition and manners play only a minor role. Much more important that a man feels when you're around.

See, you've got questions, and you read everything carefully! What to do to charismatic immediately felt on heights near you and meet?

Oh my good, this you will find out later and we will return to this wonderful technique to work it from the other side. But for now just understand the mechanism of swing (attract/repel), remember it and learn to see all its manifestations in life.

Yeah, you know, to show their proactive stance at least unusual. But it is only a little dive into the male psyche, and fears will start to decrease. See it for yourself!

Asset vs liability

Nice to meet you Nikolai, he's 40, owner of a chain of restaurants in Moscow, I was looking for him a new wife.

— Nikolay, tell me what kind of woman you want, you personally? But let's not about looks, but about the essence.

— I want a wife? I have to his 40 realized that life is still, well, if not war, then fight. The struggle for resources, for a place under the sun. And often in this fight I as a combat unit receive damage. It's metaphorical. The bailiffs came, the deal fell through, the company falls apart, a friend betrayed, the sport broke his legs, etc. we, entrepreneurs, are not always all rosy and easy. On the contrary, we always overcome through the blood, sweat, and even tears. And so, metaphorically, I'm on the battlefield fell to one knee, covered in blood. Armor punctured, but the wound is not fatal. Then runs my wife: "Oh my God, how awful, how mean! Well you have me always somewhere in trouble! What am I going to do??? Damn, bleeding. I just yesterday upgraded manicure! I don't know what to do in these situations! You're always upsetting me! Figure it out already with their problems! I want a quiet family life!"
How to submit, so just gives you the willies. No, this is not want. I want one that, although beautiful and feminine, will be able to take a heavy gun and will shoot until I get up and come to life.

And only the woman will be, it will... ummm... tip of my tongue... with an active lifestyle in! If when meeting and communicating I see a passive that understand this is the rest of my life. Active woman tells me invisibly: I am active, I am taking control of my life and she choose the people with whom I go through life. I am responsible for my happiness! And it's great! So I understand that the woman recognized. She's an adult, not infantile level of intelligence above many others. To steer the family I am, but if not, it will solve the issue with the clinic for our child will come up with options stay on vacation while I'm at work and will manifest itself in other areas. It's not just a pretty doll with duck lips, hell, a whole person.

— Cool! What do you say to women who are afraid to act and the habit of waiting for the sea weather, they say, I'm a girl!

— I will tell so: we, the people business, always note the presence or absence in the human of energy. You can be passive but filled with energy. I last week saw this situation: a woman came to our restaurant, sat at the table and began to choose something from the menu. I looked at her and she got embarrassed. But how! Not just buried in the text, and looked me in the eye, then all was smiled and stretched, covered his face with a palm. It was very cool! Of course, I came to meet you, but unfortunately, it turned out to be married. Passive? Technically, Yes! But at the same time, it is filled with feminine energy. And it's impossible not to feel."

And here is the feedback from the right target audience! But what do I hear? Stop! What's that sound? A voice, actually! A nasty female voice!

"Girls, don't listen to him, what kind of unhealthy activity? If the man himself first did nothing, then didn't had nothing to show and blink. Something! You just have to be yourself, and men will appear and will do everything."

All clear! It's Svetlana Semenovna! Well, meet with her... She's 52. She works in the clinic, and all her life she was alone. She always frowns even when she is nursing my nephew. Their children she has not and never will be. She so decided. Men hurt her, and she understood that better than one. She will often appear in our conversation, because this Svetlana Semenovna have in every woman, and in you, too. It is a kind of fears, limitations, anger, frustration and despair together. So. About to expect from men activity. Now too much competition and too little time to wait for something. Well, waiting for you, so what? Nothing! Stop waiting! It's time to act!

Feminine, but act!"

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