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Scientists have discovered parts of the human brain, which are responsible for desire and love

Conclusions are made on the basis of 20 different studies

Several groups of scientists in different countries took up the experiments with the human brain to figure out: how in it there is love and desire. The results of joint research work published canadian University Concordia.

According to Professor of psychology at the University of Concordia Jim Pfaus, their nocna group compared love and sexual desire. They tried to understand the mechanisms of their action. Together with Swiss and American scientists, they were able on the basis of 20 previous studies to fix the map areas of the brain. It showed the areas responsible for the emergence of sexual desire and love. The researchers found that the transition from one state to another meets the islet fraction and striatum.

Scientists came to the conclusion that love develops from a desire and is similar to drug addiction. The drug in this case — sexual pleasure.

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