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What was marriage in the twenty-first century

The specialists of the national research UNIVERSITY Higher school of Economics for a long time studied how changes in Russia's attitude towards the family. They identified five core areas

Cohabitation or trial marriage

Pair first, for some time live together, and then go to the Registrar. It is a "trial" marriage, which includes, but does not alter the official.

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

Young people in the registry office specatacle Gubernatorova

In the USSR, "young" could meet some time, but not to live together was strictly prohibited. The marriage was to be decorated by all the rules, only then the pair became husband and wife. Completely different situation was in the country to 50 years. Since Church marriage was cancelled, people were not obliged to fix their relationship official bodies. A similar situation prevails today in Europe, where two people living together are considered spouses and are not in a hurry to put the stamp in the passport.

Marriage enhances the social status

Perhaps that is why we have many more married women than married men. The presence of her husband, even boyfriend, increases women's self-esteem. The status of the wife allows her to feel more confident among your colleagues and friends.

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

And women want замуж

The man the family needs to enhance self-confidence only after 40 years.

Increase the age of marriage

In recent years, people are trying to get an education, find a job. Start to make a career, and then tie the knot. Such a thing as "student marriage" has practically disappeared. Among other things, this is due to the low birth rate in 90-e years.

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

Lyubava Krishnamacharya press services

More than half of marriages break up

For example, compared to the 70-80-ies of the last century, the number of divorces has doubled. Scientists have found that a few of the reasons: the liberalization of society, the crisis of marriage, feminism, sexual liberation.

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

When the "young" in the годах

New marriage, new baby

Divorce and the first, second, third etc. marriage is no surprise. But starting a new life again, people tend to have a complete family. Thus, in each new marriage, a new baby. It is believed that children unite spouses.

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

Half разводятся

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