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Love story: Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

They are together for 16 years and act like newlyweds every year pronounce the vows of love and fidelity

The loneliness of love

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko met in the late 90s. Then the singer, along with his girlfriend came to the strip club and saw a performance of the famous Tarzan and his orchestra. The show so impressed the artist that she invited the students to participate in the program. Then neither Natasha or Sergei even thoughts did not arise to flirt or get acquainted. And then the singer collapsed personal life. Igor Nikolayev, after living together for almost ten years, they decided to leave. For exactly one year. 365 days Natasha waited that Igor will be back. And he occasionally called her, occasionally visited and left again. During this time, the Queen learned to not only work alone but to live and even enjoy their freedom.

Love story: Наташа Королева и Сергей Глушко

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko still behave like молодожены

Day apricot jam

Those holidays in may 2001 went down in family history Queen—Glushko. Denying all knights, Natasha was left alone in a dusty Moscow. And, zagruschu, decided to visit a strip show Tarzan. Dialing his phone, she was sorry to hear his day off. And Sergei went and invited Natasha to his guests. And the singer went. On the way bought a box of chocolates and a bottle of whiskey. However, later it turned out that alcohol proved to be fake. At Glushko treats found only hibiscus tea and sent his mother the Bank of apricot jam. That evening, the singer never left the hotel. And the next day he gave her the keys she moved to him with his large wardrobe. Since then, every year they celebrate the Day of apricot jam.

Love story: Наташа Королева и Сергей Глушко

Son of Natasha and Sergei on February 19 was 15 years old. Arkhip studies in the United States and lives there with her grandmother Lyudmila Порывай

Dreams come true

Koroleva and Nikolayev were not yet divorced officially. And somehow before the concert, the composer went to the singer's dressing room and told her about his dream, which saw her pregnant. When she still didn't know what is under the heart of Arkhip. She first became a mother on February 19, 2002. Because of severe toxemia and a busy tour schedule, the Queen and Glushko decided to get married after the birth of a son. Natasha always dreamed of a white dress and a Bridal veil, a beautiful car, and guests for a fun party, but with Igor Nikolayev they casually signed at home. But with Sergei, they staged a wedding, the dream. And lovers are not bothered that they have an eight month old son. Now every year on the 21st of August they arrange the wedding: the dress and the bride's bouquet, words of love, guests, and unbridled joy.

Sergey Glushko, Natasha Koroleva, love story

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