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Men called causes of female asexuality

Appearance plays not the only role

Sociologists conducted a survey among men to find out what women push them away and whom they find sexually unattractive. As it turned out the study, the appearance of the female partner plays a major role, but still...

Oh, not in vain invented all sorts of deodorants and perfumes. In the first place man can push a woman's smell. It's not just about basic hygiene. In addition, we must not forget about those pheromones that butterfly on flower flies of the stronger sex.

But the extra weight of the repulsive factor considers only 30 percent of respondents. 20% of men, on the contrary, prefer women "in the body".

The lack of initiative and activity in bed is annoying half of the respondents.

But most of all, as it turned out, sexually unattractive girls make: big mouth, bad temper, Smoking, intimate stories about their former and criticism of their current partner.

In the end, most of the reasons why women can't be sexual, based on their psychological perception of the partner.

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