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The recurrence of fate: how are Olga Krasko, Olga Arntgolts

Life brilliant actress intertwined with love

On the curtain of the past year came the news: actress Olga Arntgolts second time become a mother. The actress does not announce the pregnancy, but took maternity leave: does not service in a Theatre of Nations and refuses to film projects. The happy event will connect her with another actress Olga Krasko. After all, the father of Olga, a former civil husband Krasko. About how intertwined their fates in our investigation

Downloads to Olga Krasko came after the film "Turkish gambit". Began to write about it, publish extended essays and long-winded interview. However, even the most detailed conversations, she preferred not to talk about my personal life. Ten years ago when the actress daughter Olesya, she also tried to hide from the public the fact of the birth of a child and who is the father of a newborn. In the absence of information, journalists began to make their own versions. So, for a long time said that the daughter was born after an affair with Director Fayzieva Janik, who in his time and discovered Olga for a great film, removing the film "Turkish gambit".

Since none of the actors this information is not commented, some time it is this version and was considered the only true. And only much later it became known the name of the father of the girl. This actor Dmitry Petrun, which Olga lived some years in a civil marriage. Although at about the same time he assured that men of creative professions can't imagine her "a Man, whose profession like others, for me personally losing any important masculine qualities. I can't feel safe around someone who constantly thinks how he looks."

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Olga Krasko became famous after participating in the film "Turkish gambit". Marat Basarabilor from the film "Turkish gambit"

While the wheels are under the age of five years, Olga showed up with her daughter. And only by understanding that the very interesting to attend the colourful celebrations, to be the center of attention, changed the style of behavior. To better understand the daughter, the actress read a lot of literature on psychology (by the way, that is why she did not allow photographers to take pictures of Olesya, yet that will not be five years). She tries to develop the creative abilities of the child: early childhood Olesya studying English, attends musical and art schools.

Father and his daughter Olga broke up after several years of civil marriage. As written in the press, one of the reasons was... professional jealousy. Career Dmitry proved unsuccessful, while his wife was invited to the projects.What Olga earns much more money in the family budget, not satisfied with both. A rift. But after a breakup, ex-spouses were not enemies, and kept each other warmth and respect. "I am extremely happy that this love story was in my life. Because now we don't live together no I'm not unhappy, nor he. We change, and at some point I realized that I better. This is the life".




After the breakup Dimitri left Olga a one-bedroom apartment, and he went to independent swimming. Well, Krasko for some time, said in an interview that her heart is open for new meetings. However, some taboos have always existed. And the new friend could not even understand what he did wrong, and got the actress retired. Here, for example, she told about one of his acquaintances – quite romantic, in our opinion: "Once in the wild the tube parallel to me there was a guy, but I didn't look at him. He honked, beeped, and then the mouthpiece said: "the Girl on the blue Nissan, stop, look at me. You really like me!" (Laughs.) I agreed to meet him. We didn't have time to drink a Cup of tea and began the standard questions: one – is not one that I love... Me it's just annoying. More natural, so people know each other in the process of communication".

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Krasko long concealed, who was the father of her daughter Олеси

In a word, that young man simply had no chance. But despite their high requirements to the life partner, Olga did not remain alone. According to her, without love the soul hardens. "In this state, I feel uncomfortable. I have to share emotions, to soar".

Not so long ago, she met the father of their second child. His name, like last time, she also keeps in strictest confidence. And only laughs when he reads in the Newspapers regular information about his alleged companion: "do Not want to expose my personal life. Many fantasies on this subject. Different men I attributed. We laugh as a family when we read some new information."

But friends of the actress say that her choice has nothing to Kinomir. The very same Olga only says what he is supposed to be her perfect companion: "I'm not interested in men who are as successful or not, what would be a lot of money involved, can do for his elevation to offend others. So, they're inside absolutely insecure people".

The second child Olga Krasko gave birth to 1 April 2016. Son she named a rare name Ostap. Specifically, it is a name invented by the boy's father. Even before the birth of the child so they agreed: if born a girl, the name comes up with Olga, if the boy is his father.

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Olga Krasko on съемках

As said Olga in an interview, Olesya, who asked for a long time a brother or sister, nevertheless, the appearance of Ostap responded earnestly. At school, she clocked that from now on, mom will love her less. So the first time the girl carefully checked: love her any less or still. And calmed down when you realized that mom's love enough for all.

Despite the presence of two children, Olga has not yet been officially married. But she's sure will come her finest hour, when it will hear Mendelssohn's March.


Twins from Kaliningrad


After breaking up with Krasko in the life of Dmitry Peter has changed a lot. He who began his artistic career as an actor, then began to narrow the scope of the profession. He decided to go into directing, where very successful. One of his most brilliant works are the series "pregnancy Test".

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Olga Arntgolts became the star of the series "Simple truth"scene from the TV series "Simple truth"

Olga Arntgolts Dmitry met during the shooting of his film "the Officer's wife." The plot tells the story of several generations of women in families Antonov-Terehovich, each of which is an officer's wife. Arntgolts played in this series Hope Antonov. Service relationship quickly escalate into friendship and then into love. The Director, immediately drew attention to a bright girl. Besides the shooting took place in Ukraine during the coup. Therefore Dmitry and Olga spent a lot of time together not only on set but also abroad – because it was safer. It's funny, but Dmitry had to remove with the participation of Olga's sex scenes. Later, the actors laughed: whether because of the jealousy of the Director, or for some other reason, but during the filming of love between the heroine Arntgolts and her on-screen husband collapsed bed, and they laughter the whole crew was on the floor.

Dmitry does not deny that he had an affair with Arntgolts. But sharing details and plans about the wedding not ready yet. Olga herself for more than a year was listed in the status enviable bride. With her husband Vakhtang Beridze she divorced in 2015.

With Beridze Olga lived for six years. Given that this pair was intended for divorce almost since the marriage, it is a real record. Problems began almost immediately after the wedding. They say the Vic was the matter of Hobbies on the side. Olga, as a wise woman, for some time pretended not to notice his shenanigans. While strong-willed decision has not ended the relationship. "I absolutely do not wish that they dispersed – shared, then with a popular weekly about the stars the father of the sisters albert Arntgolts. – They have long been difficulties in communication. So it's all good. Of course, now she's very upset. But she has we are a strong rear".

When he became aware of the pregnancy Olga, I began to look closely and to her sister Tatyana. They say that usually the twins are the same. Until recently it was. Olga and Tatiana got married around the same time. Both choices were actors. Olga – Vakhtang Beridze and Tatiana Ivan Zhidkov.

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Olga and Vic predicted the imminent break-up. The reason was loving mujchinami Avramenko

Marriage of Tatiana and Ivan, too, lasted six years. And the spouses at the time believed that their meeting is fate. Once Ivan, who actually hails from Yekaterinburg, lived in Kaliningrad – the hometown of Tatiana. And their house stood next door. Then two, when he moved to Moscow three years also lived in neighboring houses. And again never met. But when I saw the first time (thanks to a mutual friend of Chiaureli Ramaz), it has not been able to leave. Their novel developed rapidly and six months later ended the marriage registration. However, as time went on, and contradictions accumulated. "We had a hard time about something to agree, in principle. And generally from each other we had different. What you want Tanya, I couldn't give, and Vice versa. Gradually the points of contact between us disappeared, we existed in parallel, each lived their life... We parted by mutual consent. This does not happen with rhyme or reason, and had been accumulating for a long time and Mature. And when Taani was feeling about the fact that it is time to put an end, I caught it," said Ivan in an interview with "Atmosphere".

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Twins Tatiana and Olga not only outwardly similar as two drops of water. Coincide and their sdbusername Avramenko

Their daughter Masha was at the time three years. The former spouses showed wisdom, not to hurt the child. "Mary used to the new circumstances. Does not ask questions. I think everything went for my daughter "light" and organically. I hope. We're with Tanya for her not swearing, not fighting, could the three of us to go somewhere – in a cafe, in a cinema. We have normal relations. Sometimes, divorce is much worse. And like any special offense we have each other there... So everything was done right."

After the divorce Tatiana Arntgolts was a loud affair with actor Gregory Antipenko. They grew close during joint work on the play "Two for the seesaw". Even then Gregory moved to live with Tatiana in her apartment on Nizhegorodskaya street. Neighbors often saw him in a tracksuit took out the trash, walking on the Playground with my daughter Arntgolts. However, the love came pretty quickly. The actors realized that joint work and joint life is still different things, and parted.

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

After the divorce Tatiana Arntgolts was a loud affair with actor Gregory Antimiscegenation Avramenko

This fall there were rumors that Arntgolts and Zhidkov has decided to reunite. The reason for such talks was given by Ivan. He has published in the microblog joint photo with Tatiana and signed it: "We are together again and waiting for the twins." Only later it became known that it was a joke: just the former spouses met together to take their daughter Mary to school. Now Tatiana as speak in its environment, is not alone. Her choice – a man, far from the world of cinema and show-business. So the actress tries not to Shine once again. "He's not jealous and trusts her completely, let go on tour – talking about the new fan of Tatiana in the Modern theatre repertory. Often arrives at her car to the theater."

The actress has already introduced her new lover with his parents. And those said that the man is very kind not only to Tatiana but to her daughter Mary. So it would not be surprising if you suddenly found out: at the same time with Olga Arntgolts child and will give birth to her twin sister.

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