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As Yulia Samoilova found her Prince

The love story of the artist, which this year will represent Russia at "Eurovision"

Every Princess should have a knight. Here and Yulia Samoilova, who in may will go to represent Russia at "Eurovision" in Kiev, is the one who is always there. remember the wonderful love story.

The seventh of April the singer Yulia Samoilova will be 28 years. Eight years with her is her beloved young man — Alex Taran.

When Julia turned one, she was vaccinated against polio, after which she stopped to stand up. Doctors could not diagnose and treated all in a row. As a result, the disability of the first group and able to move only in a wheelchair. But it never prevented Samoilova popular with guys. She always had a lot of suitors. And as recognized herself an actress, she still liked to pull his nerves: kick-off, checks them for strength, being so grumpy...

When Julia was 20, she in the social network wanted to meet the guy, but Julia at that time met with a young man, so the stranger was not taken seriously. But he was persistent. And Julia agreed to a date.

As later recalled Alex, at first he didn't know he liked the girl moves in a wheelchair. But their home town of Ukhta — small, and in a musical environment all know each other. And Lesin friend told him the whole story, Samoilova. So when Julia started calling on the phone to ask persistent guy if he knows who she is and what she, Alex calmly replied that in the course.

Как Юлия Самойлова нашла своего принца

Julia and Alex met in social networks. They have been together for eight years, two of which officially, relativeto:

Young people are met. The singer was seen in the Alex my new boyfriend, and just saw him as a friend. Once she admitted that at first she was unsympathetic as a man. But gradually struck her with his men's actions, calm, always ready to help. And at some point Julia wanted to hold his hand. Since they go together, holding each other.

Alex is two years younger than Julia, but this age difference did not bother the lovers and they began to live together. The young man had to take on all the household duties: he cooks and cleans and washes dishes. Of course, Julia to the best of their ability helps him. And that she gives her beloved man a confidence in his own talent. After all, Alex was a wonderful musician and arranger. And he and tour Manager Samoilova, producer, and administrator.

They are always together. In native Ukhta organized advertising firm, and then tried to enroll at St. Petersburg University. It was Alex flew with Julia to "factor a" and stood in line to audition. And supported at the opening of the Paralympic games in Sochi, where Julia was singing. He resolves conflicts when Samoylova not allowed in the subway or in a cafe...

About two years ago young people got married. Just went to the registry office and signed in the right documents. They dream to organize a big wedding and have to get married. But do it, when you have the money, not to ask for help from parents. And, of course, they dream about children and happy life, full of creativity.

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