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Doctors believe that sex need to do every day

They found five reasons to prove this thesis

Over the years, many couples fail to have sex. He just leaves them out of the habit, it becomes something optional, among other things.

The scientists were able to find five evidence that this behavior of the spouses is fundamentally not true. And proved that this need to exercise every day.

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

It leads to intimacy with партнером

The first reason

Sex involves not only physical contact but also an intimate, emotional intimacy partners. He spiritually unites.

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

...replaces спорт

The second reason

People leading an active sex life, look better and younger. Scottish researchers found that couples who regularly have sex with each other, look 12 years younger than their peers.

The reason is simple: while making love produces hormones testosterone and estrogen, which improve the appearance.

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

...and increases настроение

The third reason

Regular lovemaking will allow you to save on the membership card at the fitness club. You will be able to get rid of excess calories, the body will be toned and your skin supple. So consider sex one of the ways to lose weight. By the way, during class in bed well pumped those muscles that attract the opposite sex.

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

You don't need лекарства

The Reason For The Fourth

Health — having sex in the pumped main muscle — the heart. Doctors say that regular sexual activity significantly reduced the risk of dying from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

Comes in a pair гармония

The reason for the fifth

Making love helps to cope with depression, and simply improves mood. At this time people, if not happy, then experiencing lots of positive emotions and joy prolongs life.


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