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Scientists have found that we choose a sexual partner by the name

If a man or woman's name is dissonant, then the relationship is unlikely to develop

Many people are auditory — the main source of information they have hearing. But looks can fall by the wayside. Whatever you beauty, but if you have a squeaky voice, better just play dumb.

Scientists conducted studies, which was attended by several hundred people. It turned out that the choice of the partner or the partner of the respondents was influenced by the similarity of their names and surnames. The more they match common letters, the was higher the chances of mutual sympathy!

Remember the song: "Masha, Masha, Zina, Nina? All like she. "Katya, Katya", — carve Me horseshoe horse".

About this patterns is not a bad thing to remember the parents when they baptise babies. The Agrippina or Eudoxia will be harder to find a mate than Sophia or Elena.

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