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Irrefutable proof that a man has interest in you

Psychologists found clues by which to understand, flirt or friendship

Mache like Vladimir, but does he like Mary?

Remember the old song: "and who knows what he blinks?". Can tick the man nervous, and maybe has something in mind. And in the spring it is quite difficult to understand in personal relationships. Will poskromnee you miss a guy that likes. Take the initiative — accessible pass for a girl who turns out to be hung up on married men.

Psychologists thought for a moment and decided to help the ladies to reveal a thin man's soul. A few 100% guarantees that the victim is ready to become yours.

The presence of

If you used a Bob met occasionally in the classroom or at a General meeting at work, and now he crawls all over you — perhaps for good reason.

"We studied with Sergei in the neighboring groups, — said Masha. — Suddenly he began to appear at our gatherings. To go to the extra classes I picked. Have become one company to go to the subway. So, imperceptibly, I began to worry if I came to the University, and Sergey did not smoke nearby, waiting for me. Now we meet".

Неопровержимые доказательства того, что мужчина испытывает к тебе интерес

What he's doing рядом?

But even if you meet "him", it means nothing.

Alexander was delighted when I began to meet on a morning jog Oleg from another Department. Even though it was silly, but she was even put on makeup before heading out to the Park. 30-year-old girl already mentally thought, where to celebrate honeymoon. But it was more banal — Oleg in a nearby house just rented an apartment.


This is a more clear sign that you care about. Brought to flower, were treated to a cake, made a gift on March 8, and without cause, so even better! He is constantly giving you signs of attention, so he likes you? Perhaps, but not a fact.

Desk Alina was littered with pens, notebooks, key rings and other Souvenirs. And in the afternoon the boss called to drink coffee with her. However, the conversations were only about work, and while the boss was drinking a cappuccino, the Secretary wrote a to-do list.

Неопровержимые доказательства того, что мужчина испытывает к тебе интерес

Gifts from души

The girl was already expecting that the relationship will go further, but, alas, it was her boss makes no useless gifts from partners, so they all remained on Alaninom desktop. And joint coffee drinking it is perceived as a meeting.

Still a joint trip to the shops needs to whiter like on a romantic date, and not on friendly gatherings.


They say the man loves his eyes. If he likes you, he'll be looking at. Impudently or shyly turning away, you should go look, but I will.

Although there are dreamers that your image can inspire...

Once I had faced the fact that I kind of person and not interested at all. But here's my taken separately tanned ankle, with a gold chain and strap off white sandals — drives him crazy.

If you look at the whole thing, not trying to split the loin and ribs, it seems you really like.

Неопровержимые доказательства того, что мужчина испытывает к тебе интерес

Small просьбы


If he agrees to do whatever you ask. Reasonable favors: conversion of antique piano from the building next door to my grandmother on the 12th floor, where there is no freight Elevator, better to wait. But agreeing to help change the machine, it is necessary to put in the pros.

In General, if a man is interested in you, his ideas and proposals often have to fight back than to ask. But it's not much hanging ears and relate: much is said and much is done.

Having all the above signs of attention from the object, think. And if they like you? While relationships exist, there are attempts of courtship. Think about it, because tear then sometimes more difficult than to build.

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