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It became known that may scare men sex

It turns out that men can also feel insecure in bed

Experts have found that, in contrast to women, the stronger sex wasn't worried about your appearance during lovemaking, and for the quality of intimate relationships.

Mainly husbands and Boyfriends are not afraid to bring to orgasm your partner. This fear is especially pronounced before the first sex with new girlfriend when it is not clear how it is compatible with her physically and temperamentally.

Prick the ego causes the uncertainty that ejaculation will come only after the partner comes to the finish line. The thought of continuing the foreplay with hands and tongue of men somehow embarrassing.

To interfere with to enjoy sex, maybe even the mismatch of reality to the beliefs of the guy of the perfect sex, is formed, for example, when viewing porn. If a man thinks that his penis size is smaller than I would like, it is also instead to surrender to the process, surrender to unpleasant thoughts.

Even if a man is happy with themselves and confident in their own skills, the reason for the experience can still be. One of them is the fear of becoming a father. Therefore, to improve the intimate life partners, it is better to voice your opinion on fertility and to determine method of contraception.

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