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Love at a distance: the marriage guest stars

Psychologist anetta Orlova explains why such relationships are common among celebrities

Nikolay Baskov and Sophie of Kalcheva

They have been together for three years and do not hide that they prefer the guest marriage. Nicholas lives in a Moscow apartment, and Sophie — in a mansion in the suburbs. And such relationships are fully satisfied. As explained singer, he is sometimes so tired during the working day, prefer to relax alone. He needed solitude to recover his strength. Besides for touring it for weeks never home.

Любовь на расстоянии: гостевые браки звезд

Natalia Stefanenko and Luca, Sabbionetta:

Natalia Stefanenko and Luca Sabbioni

After graduating from the Institute of steel and alloys Natalia flew to Italy to work as a model. A year later, in 1993, she met her future husband. Luke has also worked as a model, although he had a law degree. He is now a stylist and designer, produces their own line of clothes and shoes. And Natalia — well-known TV presenter not only in Russia but also in Italy. Therefore, spouses are forced to live in two countries. Stefanenko is fluent in Italian, and Sabbioni studying Russian language.

Любовь на расстоянии: гостевые браки звезд

Valeriy Leontev and Lyudmila, Iacovitti:

Valeriy Leontev and Lyudmila Isakovich

Singer and music Director of the Syktyvkar group "Echo" and I met in 1972. At first, they just worked: Ludmila became the bass guitarist in the ensemble of Valery. But then decided to live together. Once, after a concert in new York, isakovic decided to stay and live in the United States, but Leontiev chose to return to Russia. Spouses communicate about three months of the year, and the rest of the time they call up on the phone and see each other on Skype.

Любовь на расстоянии: гостевые браки звезд

Anetta, Glowfoto: materials of press-services

Anetta Orlova, the psychologist, radio host:

— Guest marriage allows people to leave a very large personal space, but it satisfies social needs: to have a family, a permanent partner and children.

As you know, love is evaluated according to three criteria: sexual passion, emotional intimacy, a deep responsibility. For the guest marriage is supposed to be insurmountable obstacles, because of which the couple can not live together. For example, citizenship. And if there are no obstacles, but at the same time people living in different places, then they suffer the pole of responsibility and emotional intimacy. Perhaps better preserved the pole of sexuality, but this person is not involved in a relationship. Partner gets used to cope with problems myself, accustomed to rely only on themselves. We are your life and feelings are stored in the images. On the one hand, at marriage more positive images. With other associative chains holistic life difficult to create only because of the enjoyment and a joint holiday. Affection in this marriage less temptations and more.

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