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Flee from him: how to understand that your companion does not suit you

Psychologists made a list of characteristics, noting that in her man, should think about breaking

It is impossible to speak about healthy relationships, if any failures to blame is you, your mistakes remember years and mention at every opportunity, and your problems do not show any interest.

The problem may be relationship with an insecure man, who because of the slightest differences of dream and reality more and more depressed. With an easygoing, but not accustomed to reflect on their actions and their consequences can also be difficult.

If you feel resentment toward your partner, don't respect him, fear of trusting, lost emotional intimacy, often resort to lying or fighting, despite the presence of outsiders, so in your Alliance too, something is wrong.

Try to discuss your concern with the second half. Perhaps an honest and open dialogue will help to improve the climate in the pair. If this has not happened, but the breakup are you still not ready, it makes sense to go to a psychologist.

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