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The pros and cons of the relations with the infantile man

Understand that you can create a family with a partner with whom you do not like a stone wall

Infantile called men who did not become independent. They try not to make serious decisions, and to entrust it to someone else. In a situation when in a family suddenly has a lot of problems, husband-Infante will not rush to rescue loved ones, but wait until someone would save him. This, of course, disadvantages. But is there any advantages?

The positive side of life with infantile partner too. Relationships don't end up a grown man can like women who used to do everything on your own and don't need anyone's advice and assistance. They only need warmth and a good time with her lover, that such men can provide.

And infantile — great fathers. Not in the classic sense, but fathers, friends or older brothers. This dad with a genuine interest will be chopped with a child in a video game, drive the ball down the field or read books about dinosaurs. Therefore, when the cavalier was Infante, do not hurry to run. Maybe that you should be?

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