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4 proven ways to find your soul mate successful and busy

Expert specialist on personal branding Ekaterina Kononova — about where and how to get acquainted with a man

One of the easiest ways is to go to any of the Dating sites where to meet a lot of interesting offers. But if you belong to those who are categorically opposed to online Dating, consider the case of off-line methods. Banal ideas, such as cafes, cinemas and museums here won't relate — I'm sure you'll cope without me. But more radical ideas read below.

1. Speed Dating

Just know that the organizers of such events in each city. The fashion for them came, like so much in our reality, from the United States. My feeling, the excitement diminished, giving way to online services and applications, but such a tool is, therefore, not going to miss it.

The efficiency of the search for his destiny here, of course, less because of the coverage of the audience, however, as in any event: like it or not, people on the Internet hundreds of thousands of times more. But the likelihood that you will want to chat with someone with whom you were nice in person, than in faceless Networks. That is, there prevails contact quality, not quantity. If interested in my subjective opinion, I would say that I don't like parties like this: while you will reach the person that really interesting to talk to, you can go crazy with those who even for a moment have time to get bored. Kind of violence on themselves do so. But who knows, maybe the shy guy who is constantly fiddling with the phone, confused talking about how he wrote code to any application that will call and show himself as cool and cheerful macho.

2. Board games

I'm sure you've heard about how strangers going to different places and playing "Mafia", for example. Or participate together in quests. I love such events. My only problem — I rarely see friends, I prefer in such events to spend time with them and learn how their business, solving puzzles. But if the goal is to find a groom, you are allowed to take a maximum of one friend (but better, of course, to have the courage to go alone), to find the nearest event, which will be really a lot of people, not five to ten people, and, carefully picking up the outfit and make up, to walk on the hunt for the mafia, the Commissioner or an alien.

3. Travel

One of the most effective ways to marry a foreigner. At least so write on the world wide web. Considering how we stand out with beauty and grooming in the background of the local girls of almost every country, the chances of a new Dating off as soon as we get off the plane.

Now, when my business got to his feet, I began to afford to travel more often — the fate has not yet met, but new acquaintances, particularly useful (it is), I found more than a dozen. Perhaps the reason for my lack of a foreign Prince in the fact that I travel mainly in Asia and not in Germany, Italy and the United States, as advised to the women's forum. So what do visa and forward, to conquer the American mystery, the English sir, the French Monsieur, and German Herr.

4. TV shows

For the bravest I recommend to participate in a TV show. If you get a serious audition for "the Bachelor", then 50% of success already in your pocket even if you do not win the main character, the glows on the main TV, you certainly increase the chances that your man will see you on TV and coming on a white horse.

If they were not, or participation in a long-term project for you too daring deed, then offer an alternative — "let's get married". Here is really a have found your destiny, all Larisa Guzeeva and To carefully select the candidates in grooms. At least I believe that. Again, if you get into that little (on the application of transmission) is the percentage that goes without a pair, then your face will definitely remember that pretty boy who rides in a nice car and now stops in front of you with a ring that carries with him since the release of the air. But if without jokes, then I really think it is much more effective than speed dating. Coverage anymore, you know?

In fact, I sincerely believe that when we are really ready for a relationship, we find we need of a person. But from the point of view of efficiency "to lie in the direction of dreams" is a bad idea. So let's work together to use all the ways which offer the market and the imagination, to search for family happiness. Next time I'll spend a couple more experiments, but for now I give you homework — pick and test at least two tools discussed above.

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