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Five ways to avoid conflict

Spring is the time when blossoms not only nature, but also emotions

Lately, from all sides I hear: "I'm mad at everything", "my husband head the trouble — he has spring fever," "the chief was just crazy", "we had a fight yesterday", "at work problem with a colleague" and so on.

Where and on what grounds neither had a conflict, still it is a nuisance that needs to be addressed, and should be avoided. Is — to come to such a situation and to address the issue that both sides were satisfied — to find a compromise. will tell you how to do it.


Do you like it when you cry, do not listen, interrupt and bend the line? I think your partner is not happy. Do not think that you are stronger, smarter, to the right of it. Disconnect emotions and look at a conflict situation soberly, and your opponent is not entirely stupid.

Пять способов избежать конфликта

Cry of the dispute is not решить

Was there a problem?

If you look at the conflict peacefully may be that the problem was not worth "a damn". It happens that the man himself winds itself out of the blue.

"He's late, he doesn't love me, he doesn't care about our relationship, Oh he was so, well, I'll show him". And this all falls on the head of her husband stuck in traffic because of an accident.

Пять способов избежать конфликта

She came up, she обиделаь

Itself invented, itself created a problem, she was offended, she made a big fuss. Agree, in this case, there is the phrase about "spring fever". Think less, more calm and positive.

Time to talk

I hope you remember that there are "owls" and "larks"? The first is better to stay out of serious conversations in the morning — will fall under the hot hand. Usually the owls in the first half of the day long to swing, Wake up, so everything irritates them and they are evil. The second is absolutely useless to talk closer to the night. They have no power to think and decide something.

Пять способов избежать конфликта

The conversation is not to времени

The best time to talk — an hour and a half after lunch. The full source is good. It's the middle of the day, when the "owl" is already cheerful, and "larks" still not tired.

Well, if you just see that man is annoyed, then get into it with the negotiations in this case is a 100% chance of running into a conflict, and it is necessary to you?

What is the reason?

We used to have to deal with a ready-made conflict, but it may be wise to start to perform its cause? Having found it, just next time, never do, podstrahuet.

The chief gave the word, and you think that should do it? Next time clearly prescribe their duties with the guide and arrange in advance: documents published, but the abstract your daughter — no.

Пять способов избежать конфликта

Conflict can be prevented заранее

Folk wisdom says: before heading to a joint voyage, agree on the banks, and then no conflict.

Leave the past in the past

Old grudges, sometimes, remember the place at all, and we met him. Why? The past cannot be changed. We must forgive and forget, and not to fan the flames of a quarrel again. Would old error to problems in the future — we can not predict, so it make sense to worry about it either.

Пять способов избежать конфликта

Live here and сейчас

Start living in the here and now, learn to enjoy the moment, to look at the world positively, and then most of the conflict will pass you.

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