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Love story: Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

The Director celebrates anniversary and prepares for the wedding with a young actress

The ninth of may Fedor Bondarchuk will celebrate the 50th anniversary. For its anniversary, the Director has prepared thoroughly: divorced, fell in love, took a sensational film about aliens. In honor of the anniversary of the actor, Director and producer talks about his most important to date, "the project" — the novel by Paulina Andreeva.

He. In mid-March 2016 Svetlana and Fyodor Bondarchuk has officially announced the divorce. Then almost immediately started talking about the upcoming wedding of Fedora and actress Paulina Andreeva — rumor has it they met in the autumn of 2015. Naturally, the gossip began to accuse the young actress in the collapse of the family. But Fedor stood up for his beloved and explained that before meeting Paulina has actually been free for several years. As it turned out, Svetlana and Fedor just didn't divorced, but each had their own life. While former spouses remained good friends, helping to raise two granddaughters and not say anything bad about each other.

It. Paulina became famous in 2013 after the release of the series "the Thaw". Up to this point the actress knew only the theater. At the stage of the Moscow art theatre in 2014 Fyodor Bondarchuk first saw Andreev. In this girl it was impossible not to fall in love: a slender, striking brunette, but still plays on stage in beautiful lingerie. The real star of the artist has become in 2015, after the release of the series "Method". Then everyone admired the beauty and talent of Paulina, but as soon as it became known about the Roman Bondarchuk, the actress began to blame the fact that she cynically uses his connections, and many other sins, which are traditionally attributed to the young and glamorous Actresses. However, surrounded by Bondarchuk and Andreeva are sure that these honest girls like Paulina, you will not meet. Also, friends of the couple claim that the actress the Director has changed for the better and made him totally happy.

Love story: Федор Бондарчук и Паулина Андреева

For the first time Theodore and Pauline appeared together at the close of last year's "Kinotavr"Gennady Avramenko

They. For the first time Theodore and Pauline appeared together at the closing of "Kinotavr" in Sochi in mid-June last year. Later the Director admitted that it was important this first joint output. And in the middle of December it became known that the lovers are once again talking about the wedding. The fact that after the excitement that rose around them couples and some misunderstandings in the relationship of Theodore with his son Sergei, the marriage was postponed. Recall that a year ago the son gave the father an ultimatum: if I get married, then he can forget about the children and grandchildren. Fortunately, men made up. Now say that the actress and Director began active preparations for the celebration. However, they are kept in the strictest confidence. We only know that the couple dreamed of a wedding in Spain.

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