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What to do after sex

A special mood after lovemaking might be useful

During lovemaking, and for 48 hours afterwards we feel happy: the mood on the rise, eyes burn, more than enough energy. It's all in the hormones that are released into the body in response to sex.

By the way, after copulation, we become less alert, nervous and ready to trust people a little more than before was in bed with her lover. All together this is a great reason to go for new experiences. Whether it's a trip to the cinema or climbing the nearest hill — leisure will give you a lot of pleasure.

Sexy "finish" will be useful at work: old projects will magically come to a successful conclusion, and new ideas will be truly stunning.

After sex is the time to do what you were shelved. For example, to call my sister, with whom he quarreled in tatters, three months ago, and finally to reconcile. Endorphins will help you to reduce stress from this action.

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