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The reasons why we don't want sex

Women don't always feel passionate towards their partners, and there is a good reason

If having sex with her husband does not cause you enthusiasm only occasionally, probably, it in fatigue. But when you go to bed together I do not want regularly, the reasons are quite serious.

When a man and a woman live together for a long time, they cease to be for each other unavailable. The desire to taste the unknown and alluring disappears. Especially brightly it can be expressed when a woman for the sake of family and children leaves work. In this case, the man may lose interest in the wife because she can no longer share with him something new and interesting. Therefore, for family well-being husbands and wives should leave time for yourself and your Hobbies.

But too far away from each other is not necessary. It is important to understand the feelings and emotions each other. And you will help the ability to ignore the wrongs of the last years, to remember that your husband is the one whom you once fell in love, and had their reasons.

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